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Internet Lifelines 2001
Child in War
News & Media
Chechnya War Child 99-??
Euro War Child, 1998-99, a review
Lifesaving by the Internet Action
The LandMine Campaign & Nobel Peace Prize
Honduras, a disaster zone, Tropical Storm, Climate and Weather
Insights from the Space
Yellow Pages - The Zetterling Gallery, satiric pictures
Yellow Pages and Karaoke
Photo Gallery (unframed)
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Chiapas Children Children
Children as victims
Chechnya Civilians' Campaign 99
Continuation - Executions of Civilians
Turned back under sniper fire
"Civilization" in Europe 1998
A continuation of the genocide in Bosnia
International Media on Kosova I
International Media on Kosova II
By World wide Non Courage and Cowardice
Massacre-Algeria I
Massacre-Algeria II
Massacre-Algeria III
Shooting of two Guatemalan street Children
Two Honduran street Children shot
Violence against Street Children
Guatemala - damages for police murder of street Child
Americans arrested, sex tourists in Central America
"Solvent based glues, worse than heroin"
The Drugs on the street of Vancouver
Police Officers jailed for Raping Street Child
Prayers for the Children, US
9 Men, 21 women, 15 children - massacred in Chenalho, Mexico
Protestletter to the Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo, Mexico
Jan 4, Letter to Officials of Mexico and the United States
Chiapas - A step away from the point of no return
Five military camps were visible from the road
There must not be another Wounded Knee in the Americas
Witnesses, survivor of Acteal. Testimonies.

Internet as a Lifeline - how this CNN-news started
Deng Shao-han, at the age of 3, serious congenital heart diseases
"The world is too rich to let this kid die without a fight"
Serious congenital heart diseases, update
Shao-han, China - Photo
Shao-han & Mother - Photo
December-mail from Shao-han's father Yongxin
Internet as a Lifeline for Chinese Boy with Heart Disease
A Computer Plea Saved His Life. Readers Digest, Nov '98

Child Rights in Chinese, English, and French
Fundamental principles
Special Protection for Children
What kind of Rights does a Child have?
Principe, La Déclaration des Droits de L'enfant

landmine campaign 1 International Campaign to Ban Landmines
Don't forget!
International Campaign to Ban Landmines, ICBL
Amputee Ambassador Tun Channareth
"A Matter of Justice & Humanity", presented by Rae McGrath, ICBL
Speech of Professor Francis Sejersted -
member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee

Speech of Jody Williams, coordinator, ICBL
The LandMine Campaign, Petition Sept. 97

All about the Nobel Peace Prize
The Nobel Peace Prize Oct. 1997
Nobels Fredspris 1997 - in Norwegian
Nobel Institute and Committee

BOES.ORG in OneWorld Partnership
OneWorld - Index
BOES.ORG information
BOES.ORG review
BOES.ORG/WAP  in your cellular phone
OneWorld and OneWorld Partnership
OneWorld Partners, info and links I
OneWorld Partners, info and links II
OneWorld link  Opens in new window's pages from
The Commonwelth Heads of Government Meeting '97

To act forcefully, Her Majesty Silvia
Young in Europe I
Young in Europe II
Students' Future

The World, and Europe
A panorama of death
Emergency in Honduras. Your help needed
No more Chernobyls - International Day of Protest
191 States has ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child -
Only two remaining States - Somalia and USA

European Human Rights today? Tomorrow? I
European Human Rights today? Tomorrow? II
Non Governmental Peace Strategies Project
Peace Walk '98

Weather, MetéoSat
Weather Forecasts

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Children's Rights Across the World -
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Mother Therésa
Already forgotten?
Mother Teresa I
Mother Teresa II
Mother Teresa III

BOES.ORG Gallery The Creative Gallery I
Gallery Painting II
Gallery Painting IV
Gallery Painting V
Gallery Painting VI
Gallery Painting XI
Gallery Painting XII
Gallery Painting XIII
Gallery Painting XV
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The Creative Gallery II
Gallery Index
Gibran Khalil
-Speak to us of children!
-Speak to us of Friendship!
Song Text Editor 1, Karaoke / "Hero"
Song Text Editor 2, Karaoke / "Your Song"
Song Text Editor 3, Karaoke / "The Lady in Red"
Song Text Editor 4, Karaoke / "Just the Way You Are"
Song Text Editor 5, Karaoke / "Imagine"
Poetry Creation Editor
Karaoke, Hero, std
Karaoke, Your Song, std
Karaoke, Imagine, std

Yellow Pages / the Satiric Zetterling Gallery
Yellow Pages Frameset
12 Satiric Pictures on Children and Society
Leif Zetterling, artist, satirist, painter, selfportrait
Imaginations of Love
Mother's Milk
Modern Man
Gallery, Satiric Pictures Dyslexia
Learn for Life, Run for Life
Bearer of Society
Family Life
Greed for Profit
Law Space
New Year

Yesterday's Future Kids - Photo Gallery
Borned after a new Millenium
Knocking on the door - The Future
For Future Generations
Each Generation's Rights
Yesterday's Future Kids

Scandinavian Square
Scandinavian Square, svenska
Anmäl barnpornografi här! info, svenska x-info, svenska
Hur används av andra organisationer?
Länka Barnkonventionen från Din webbplats
Skolarbete om etik och moral
Risker, GSM-telefoner, barn
Nobels fredspris
Din egen dotter?

Framsynt kommun -97 - Kristinehamn
A Municipal Government with foresight '97
Framsynt Kommun -97 - Krokom

Multilingual Convention on the Rights of the Child
Overview Convention Documents

Arabic Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1-54
Arabic text

Chinese Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1-54
China, Chinese text

Danish, Preamble and Article 1-4
Danish, Article 5-41
Danish, Article 42-54

Dutch, Preamble and Article 1-4
Dutch, Article 5-41
Dutch, Article 42-54

Mother Teresa and a baby English, Preamble and Article 1-4
English, Article 5-41
English, Article 42-54

Finnish, Preamble and Article 1-4
Finnish, Article 5-41
Finnish, Article 42-54

French, Preamble and Article 1-4
French, Article 5-41
French, Article 42-54

German, Preamble and Article 1-4
German, Article 5-41
German, Article 42-54

Italian, Preamble and Article 1-4
Italian, Article 5-41
Italian, Article 42-54

Japanese Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1-54
Japan, Japanese text

Norwegian, Preamble and Article 1-4
Norwegian, Article 5-41
Norwegian, Article 42-54

Portuguese, Preamble and Article 1-4
Portuguese, Article 5-41
Portuguese, Article 42-54

Russian Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1-54
Russia, Russian text

Spanish, Preamble and Article 1-4
Spanish, Article 5-41
Spanish, Article 42-54

Swedish, Preamble and Article 1-4
Swedish, Article 5-41
Swedish, Article 42-54

Turkish, Preamble and Article 1-4
Turkish, Article 5-41
Turkish, Article 42-54

All Americans' Convention I
All Americans' Convention II
All Americans' Convention III

All Ministers' and all Presidents' Convention I
All Ministers' and all Presidents' Convention II
All Ministers' and all Presidents' Convention III

Only two more states to go
The two remaining States - Somalia and USA

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Arabic   Arabic UDHR
Chinese   Chinese UDHR
Japanese  Japanese UDHR
Russian   Russian UDHR

Students and Future
wheat Civilian Courage
Students' Future
Language Studies

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External Links

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