children and rights

"This is a continuation of the genocide in Bosnia,
fostered primarily by one individual"

The children of Kosova have been living under a state of seige from the Serb army since March, 1998. Their homes and schools are destroyed, often burned before their eyes, sometimes with people they know or relatives trapped inside. The visions of fire haunt them for months.
They have been living in the fields and woods for months now, malnourished, in a state of terror, open to machine gun fire, snipers, and mortar shells day and night. The escape routes are mined, the hills filled with Serb snipers who open fire at them should they try to leave. The US government tells them it's safe to return home. The truth is if they do, their loved ones face capture as "terrorists", which can lead to instant execution and/or torture and disappearances. No international observers have been allowed in. Very few journalists make it through either. This whole maneuver has been carried out in relative secrecy.
Food supplies are blocked. There is no communication with outsiders. The people only know that winter is coming and their crops and livestock have been destroyed.

There is about thirty other wars around the world, but the point in Kosova is that it is a continuation of the genocide in Bosnia, fostered primarily by one individual.
Surely ten years of this are enough.

Alice Mead

Alice Mead has traveled extensively in Kosova, Albania and Macedonia since 1984. Author of a work of fiction, Adem's Cross, published in 1997 by Farrar, Strauss and Giroux. A story of a teen-age boy forced to flee when ethnic violence afflicts his family. It's translated into German, Dutch, French and Swedish. Alice Mead lives in USA. children and rights
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