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Convention-texts from:

Belgisch Comité voor Unicef

Comitato Italiano per l'Unicef

Dansk Unicef Komite, Copenhagen

Finnish Child Welfare Association, Helsinki

Redd Barna Norge, Oslo

Rädda Barnen Sverige, Stockholm

Red Barnet Denmark, Copenhagen

Unicef, Ankara

United Nations Nordic, Copenhagen

United Nations, Copenhagen

United Nations, New York

United Nations, London

Utrikesdepartementet (UD), Stockholm

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Danish version - word for word textrewriting to PC-file: Anne Katrine Windfeld,
proofreading: Niels Christian Møller

Finnish version - part of text, w.f.w. textrewriting and proofreading: Juhani Laalo

English non-convention texts - translations/proofreadings: Ildiko Vancsa, Canada

Proofreading CHOGM: Monica Bowen-Schrire

English non-convention texts - translations: Catharina Bernstrom-Roark

Sound and voices: Sanne Appelquist, Michael Appelquist, Amanda Larsson, Hannah and Linnea Jesinkey, Josefina Ramel, James Schlichter, Johannes School Stockholm

French version - w.f.w. rewrite:
Agnieszka Dylak,
w.f.w. rewrite and proof-read: Sofia Jacobsson

German version - w.f.w. rewrite and p-read: Helena Bengtsson,
Tuva Bergman E. Malin Jacobsson and Carina Wikman

Spanish version - w.f.w. rewrite and p-read:
Celia Ariana

Other external-texts, rewriting:
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