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Demonstrations to be held in Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada
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International day of Action, Jan 12 -98


Outrage over the massacre of 45 children, women and men on December 22nd in Chiapas, Mexico has erupted worldwide in the last two weeks. More than 20 cities here in the United States staged demonstrations on January 2nd at the Mexican Consulates, while in Europe and Mexico similar actions have taken place. Following the incursion of the Mexican military into the Zapatista communities of La Realidad, Morelia and others on January 3rd, the Zapatista Front of National Liberation (FZLN) shut down the Mexican stock market for several hours, while simultaneously taking over two radio stations in Mexico City on January 5th. Groups worldwide have pledged to continue to increase the levels of organization, mobilization and action until the war is stopped in Chiapas.

An International Day of Action on January 12th has been called for by the Zapatistas and the FZLN in response to the massacre in Chiapas. The complicity of Mexican state and federal authorities in the killings remains unresolved. The illegal incursions of the Mexican military has resulted in beatings, harassment, widespread terror and the displacement of Zapatista communities. Yet they continue unabated in spite of the resignations of highly placed PRI officials. These facts signal a continuation of the policies which led to the massacre. Most disturbing are concerns about the ease with which US military aid is being used for counter-insurgency efforts in Mexico. As one commentator from MSNBC noted in reference to the massacre and continuing violence in Chiapas, "the CIA has left its footprints-again allying itself with questionable elements within a foreign country's military." ("Planning the CIA's Next Secret War," Michael Moran, MSNBC)

The severity of the war in Mexico has elicited a powerful response. Now, the National Commission for Democracy in Mexico (NCDM), in conjunction with the EZLN and FZLN ask all people of conscience to undertake and intensify efforts being made to prevent the outbreak of full scale war in Chiapas. We ask the following:

1. Join one of the 24 demonstrations taking place in US cities nationwide, and others worldwide on January 12th. If there is not a demonstration planned in your area, we ask that you organize one at the nearest Mexican Consulate, Federal Building, Drug Enforcement Agency, military office or base, etc. Important announcements in regards to national campaigns will also be announced including a divestment strategy and an approach to Congressional representatives. Please contact the NCDM for more information.

2. Contact your local city council and Congressional representatives, arrange visits in order to express your concern over the following: A)the status of the investigation into the massacre of the 45 Tzotzil Indians in Chiapas and allegations concerning the Mexican state and federal authorities and military's complicity in the killings. B) the illegal incursions of the Mexican army on January 3rd into the Zapatista communities of La Realidad, Morelia, Yaltchilpic, San Caralampio, 10th of April and Aldama. These incursions are a direct violation of the Federal Law for Dialogue, Conciliation and a Peace with Dignity in Chiapas (March 11, 1195) which prohibits the persecution of members and sympathizers of the EZLN. C) that the Mexican government has sent a strong signal of its desire for war with the violation of the March 1995 and the build-up of Federal Army troops around Zapatista communities D) that as a result of the army's movements and the continuing presence of paramilitary groups, there are currently more than 7,000 refugees in Chiapas. E) that full-scale war seems imminent due to the provocations of the Mexican military and paramilitary groups F) to prevent war and further bloodshed the Mexican government must demilitarize the Indigenous communities, implement the San Andres Agreements on Indigenous Rights and Culture, and meet the minimal five conditions set by the EZLN for a renewal of meaningful dialogue and negotiations with the Mexican government in a peaceful and non-violent context.

3. We ask that you also raise your concerns about US military involvement in Mexico by asking your Congressional representative to: A) attend a briefing for the Congressional Human Rights Caucus regarding the situation in Chiapas. It is being organized by Congressman Tom Lantos's office on January 15th at 11am in Washington DC. B) ask your Congress person to co-sponsor legislation to end all military aid to Mexico which includes equipment and training to the Mexican military. Such an action would be in accordance to the provisions established under the Leahy Amendment. C) Demand a full public disclosure of the amount and type of assistance the US has given to Mexico and an accounting of how it has been used. 4. Send letters, faxes and emails to President Clinton, Secretary of State Madeline Albright, UN Ambassador Bill Richardson, President Zedillo and the Consul General of your local Consulate expressing the above concerns.

We must not allow this dirty war against the Indigenous to escalate and continue. Civil society can not allow the government of Mexico and others who perpetuate this genocidal war to count on our passivity. ORGANIZE, MOBILIZE AND TAKE ACTION NOW!!!



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Subject: "Mexico Forward" Urgent Action
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