Peace Walk 98 - NOW!     note Walk right in..

12 July - 9 August. Walk from Belgium
to Trident submarine base in Faslane Scotland

The right now ongoing walk for Nuclear Disarmament started from NATO HQ Brussels July 12th.
It ends August 9th, at The British Trident submarine base in Faslane Scotland.

The walk follows the succesful launch in 1997 of a legal campaign of civil resistance to stop any futher preparation of war crimes against humanity through the threat or use of nuclear weapons.

The walk linked an international peacecamp near NATO HQ in Belgium (July 3-11) and an actioncamp of an international direct disarmament campaign "Trident Ploughshares 2000" at the British Trident submarine base (August 9-25).

FME finds walking an effective way to campaign and inform people about nuclear issues. FME organised cross-continental peacewalks in the USA (1992) and Europe (1995). In the UK the walk is organised in co-operation with London region CND, Scottish CND and Greater Manchester CND.

The walkers demand with high priority that nuclear weapons have to be taken off alert, new nuclear weapon-free zones have to be created and multilateral negotiations to ban all nuclear weapons have to start immediately.

The organisers still look for further practical help : support van for kitchen and luggage, banners, organic food donations, etc. ... and volunteers.
If you can help, please contact for BOES.ORG´s Partner, Mother Earth

Peace Walk 98 Route

  • 26th: Sleep on
    floor at Lancaster Quaker Meeting House, Meeting House LAne,
    Lancaster. Contact Adrain Rose tel: 01524 62971

  • 27th: Ulverston
    meeting house - being confirmed.

  • 28th and 29th: Peace CAmp outside
    Sellafield near Seascale off A595, Cumbria.

  • 30th: Stay in field in
    Allergarth, Roweltown, Carlisle. The contact is Mike and Ruth Downham
    tel: 016977 48214

The main contact for everyone is RAchel at Greater MAnchester CND Tel:
0161 834 8301. If you make any arrangements or contact the people above, PLEASE make a phonecall!!

The mobile phone which will be used during the Scottish part of the peace walk will be+44 (0)378 267833

  • Fri 31st July Carlisle to Gretna (Football grounds? I
    don't know, but Gretna is a very small village. Post could be sent to
    the post office "Post Restante"...)

  • Sat 1st August - Gretna to Lockerbie, via Chapelcross nuclear power
    station. At Lockerbie, walkers are staying in Janet Rogerson's garden (very
    kind of her!) Her address is, Hawthorn Brae, Heck, nr Lockerbie. DG11 1JD.

  • Sun 2 nd. Lockerbie to Beattock (? Camp site? Village Hall?)

  • Mon 3rd Beattock to Elvanfoot . Probably camp next to the river unofficially,
    but Elvanfoot only has about 10 houses, so if there are 50 or more walkers
    maybe we should camp at the campsite at Crawford, 5km further on....**

  • Tues 4th Elvanfoot to Talamh. My address, which is Talamh, near
    Coalburn, Lanarkshire. ML11 0NJ. Tel or Fax: 01555 820400

  • Wed 5th - Talamh Rest Day

  • Thurs 6th - Talamh to Hamilton or Blantyre. Staying in
    a church hall, which is being arranged by Hamilton CND

  • Fri 7th - Hamilton to Kinning Park, Glasgow. Staying at Kinning Park Complex, which is a
    community centre. Helen Kyle runs the centre, and there is an office

  • Sat 8th - walking from Glasgow to Alexandria Community Centre near Dumbarton.

  • Sunday 9th - Alexandria to Faslane, and then staying at the
    Ploughshares base at Coulport. Hooray!!!
    (Scottish CND 0141 423 1222)

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