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Two Honduran street Children shot on Christmas Day

Tegucigalpa, Honduras, December 26th, 1997  

In the early morning of December 25th, 1997 (Christmas Day), at approximately 2am, three Honduran street children, Sandra Yamilet Gonzalez (16); Olman Francisco Olivar (16) and Fany Cerrato (16), were gathered together on the corner of Morelos Avenue and Cervantes Avenue in Tegucigalpa.

All of a sudden, a blue pick-up pulled up alongside them and a man got out and pulled out a gun and started firing at the children. Sandra was seriously wounded in the right leg, and Olman was wounded in the right shoulder. A third bullet missed Fany. The man then got back into the pick-up and drove away.

According to the children, the man did not say anything at all. He just shot them and left. The children described the man as white, medium height, with a large belly and brown eyes. He was dressed in a whit shirt and brown trousers. There was seemingly one person more in the pick-up who did not get out. It is not clear whether it was a male or female.

Fany ran to Casa Alianza (about 20 yards away) and screamed for help and the guard immediately called for an ambulance. Both the wounded children were taken to the Hospital Escuela - a public hospital - but, because of it being a holiday, there was very poor attention. Both children were operated upon and the bullets removed. Because of the inadequate attention, on December 26th, casa Alianza staff decided to transfer Sandra and Olman to the Casa Alianza facilities where they are being attended by the agency's staff.

Sandra is not in very good shape and may be tranferred to a private clinic. Olman is improving. Fany is also in Casa Alianza at the present time.

Casa Alianza's Legal Aid Office staff was called in from their holiday break and they immediately made a formal report to the Criminal Investigation Department (DIC - for their initials in Spanish) and the complaint was classified as Attempted Murder and assigned Case No. DO4692-97. Because of the holiday period though, we were told that no investigation would take place until at least next week. Both children were taken to a forensic doctor for a formal exam.

Without a licence plate number, and unless other witnesses are found - and with an already late investigation - it is highly improbable that the person responsible will be found. However, please write a short message (in Spanish if possible, but if not, in English) requesting an immediate investigation into the attempted murder of Sandra and Olman to:

Dr. Leo Valladares, HRights Procurator <> - pls note that it is a number one after "conadeh"

Honduran Embassy in Belgium <>

Honduran Embassy in USA <>


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