Police Officers jailed for Raping Street Child

The two men forced the teenager to drink alcohol

Two Mexican Federal police officers have been jailed for the rape of a fourteen year old street girl, in a case pursued by Casa Alianza an international organization that provides rehabilitation for street children in Mexico and Central America.

On the night of February 25th, 1998 the abandoned girl was sleeping rough on the streets of Mexico City, close to a monument know as 'the revolution' (La Revolución) when she was approached by two officers from the Federal Procurators Office.

The two men forced the teenager to drink alcohol and proceeded to rape her close to this public site. The girl was raped by each of the men.

Fortunately other street children, on witnessing what was happening, phoned the Mexico City police who arrived and arrested the rapists.

"The arrogance of these supposed public officials is deplorable, they think they can rape a girl in a public place without fear of reprisal", commented Bruce Harris the Regional Director of Casa Alianza in Latin America, a branch of the New York based Covenant House.

"In all too few cases these public figures are arrested and punished for their crimes. This is a sad reminder that the sexual abuse of children continues, but it is good to see that at times justice can prevail," ended Harris.

Casa Alianza Mexico pursued this case on behalf of the young girl, with the support of the Public Ministry.

A recent court ruling, by the 12th Penal Judge of Mexico City, condemned one of the officers to eleven years imprisonment and the other one to nine years and six months imprisonment.

Commenting on the sentences Adriana López Castellón, coordinator of Casa Alianza's Legal Aid Office in Mexico City, said it was a welcome victory.

"It is wonderful that we have found justice for this frightened girl. Itis amazing that a member of the Mexican City police arrested federal officers who are the worst feared. This is very rare as normally the authorities will lie to cover for one another", she said.

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