-Heart Patient Made Plea on the Internet
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Just Start !
At first hand, this "Internet Lifeline" saved Shao-han's life. It helped to bring health.
Viewing the larger picture, one sees that this example shows how we can use the Internet for amazing things. Co-operation and help from people to people, without selfish monetary interest is the wave of the future.

The Internet is open to be used in any good way you prefer.
You can make a better life for someone who might have weightier problems than slow modem-connections.

When you have decided to do your best for someone, you will realize that hard work and good will can make up for other limitations. Do not let the lack of money stop worthy humanitarian projects.

We can achieve health needs for developing countries, people-to-people economic assistance, and yes, even war can be stopped by the communication of people on the Internet.

It's not very important
just to own a computer and a modem
it is more important
HOW we use a computer and a modem

The Internet needs all of us to lift up humankind.
We, you and I, each one of us, have to do our best for the next generation.

Together we can change this world to a better place for all of us. Just start!
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Letter from:
Mary Anne Wehland, USA
March 2000

"Because of the Internet Life Line on BOES.ORG Shao Han Deng has the prospect of living a full normal life and is presently attending Kindergarten in Los Angeles. Without the Life Line, Sho-Sho, as he is affectionately called, would be suffering greatly or most likely deceased.

His parents would be struggling to deal with all of the attendant miseries and burdens of having a very ill child, or even worse the death of an only child. Yongxin Deng, the father of the child has recently been accepted into the University of Southern California as a graduate student and feels great hope for the future of his family.

Brenda Booth, the actress who gallantly took up the cause for little Sho-Sho has gone on to found her own organization helping children around the world with physical illnesses similar to Shao-han's. The light from one candle has lit many others."

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