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The Conventions
Hard to find and hard to get

In May 1996 this work started. Three intensive research-months later we had only some few PC-file-versions. Hard to find and hard to get. Most of the texts were on print only. A six years old dusty & never used book from deep down in the UN-archive in New York included.
Rather hard at that time to find a scanner and a "a powerful" computer for idealistic work with the the Arabic, Chinese and Russian versions from that UN-book. The scanned images were tagged in HTML-code for web-server use.
With the help of youths from Denmark and Sweden, volunteering their time, the other texts were processed, word for word, to digital files, and proofread very carefully.
The digitalized text was completed with HTML-code, and after one more proofreading, by next team of students/proof-readers, the main parts of The Convention on the Rights of the Child were in World wide work, available in 11 languages - 1996!!   80 Percent of these language-versions had never before been presented on the Web.
Strong highlight- and link-support from OneWorld and partners in OneWorld Partnership, pushed the users into the new and unique BOES.ORG Convention Library.
Today you can link and/or print 16 languages from BOES.ORG
Feel free to use one language-version, or a part of it on your own webpage. Copy & paste, and add a link to
If you lives in a country were you instead need Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or Russian, please use just one of the text-images, plus the BOES.ORG-link to the rest of the Convention.
Also, UN's Universal Declaration on Human Rights is since 1996 available multilingual, from
You are right now connected to a server in California, from where the BOES.ORG website works. The users of this voluntary child rights work lives all around the World, but most of them in the US. Some few percents of the work was done in Denmark and Canada, the main part in Sweden.
Writers from many countries have since the première in August 1996 produced both feature-material and news texts for BOES.ORG
The whole project is based on all voluntary work and private donations.
It's aiming to make the conventions not just words on paper but words in action World wide.
"In all actions concerning children, whether undertaken by public or private social welfare institutions, courts of law, administrative authorities or legislative bodies, the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration. ...."

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INFO:    A   B   C   D   E   F 
Just some small updates, like number of years, are done in the info-text from the pages A-F,
since they were published here, in 1996.
Many positive child-rights-changes are until today initiated World wide, because of the work from volunteers and from old and new NGO's. Changes in need of you, to be protected and completed. Print it!  Read it!  Spread it!