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Welcome !
    - to a project for the next generation
BOES.ORG - Children's Rights Across the World
A webproject and it's leading star - "The Convention"
Unique - - in the web front line for The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) - Multilingual, since August 1996.
This voluntary effort is 100 percent FREE. Free from commercial, religous as well as political ties, and it will remain that way.
BOES.ORG - a non profit engagement for Children's Rights, World wide. An IT-investment based on fourteen years experience with Children's Rights. Fourteen years full of deep and painful insights into the lack of commitment of so many people in responsible positions. The deceit of a very important international agreement, the deceit of children, the deceit of the future.
BOES.ORG's ambition is to provide the full text of The Convention on the Rights of the Child, in a large number of languages, to other seriously engaged organizations - to universities, high schools and colleges - all over the World, through mutual Internet links.
Of course the general public is included, via different Web Hotels, Web Markets, websites, through seriously engaged media's webaddresses, as all visitors' HQ added value.
There is no doubt that all state and local government operations should paste a link at their web sites with the Children's Convention? Are the local governments staying ahead off the tax payers demands, ahead of the debate and pressures from the media, in making an informed web sites?
Article 42. "States Parties undertake to make the principles and provisions of the Convention widely known, by appropriate and active means to adults and children alike."
BOES.ORG strives to contribute towards change. The next generation of decision makers have to be more officially open about the value they put on the children's future.

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Just some small updates, like number of years, are done in the info-text from the pages A-F,
since they were published here, in 1996.
Many positive child-rights-changes are until today initiated World wide, because of the work from volunteers and from old and new NGO's. Changes in need of you, to be protected and completed. Print it!  Read it!  Spread it!