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Text Source: Boston Courier

-We need to rebuild self confidence in our patients

IPRLS - International Institute of Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Land mine Survivors, was founded at Tafts University, Boston, MA in April, 1998. Founder was Dr. Mark Pitkin, formerly of St. Petersburg, Russia - currently professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Tafts.

In June of 1998 First International Conference was held by IPRLS which discussed the Program of the US-Russian Prosthetic Rehabilitation Bridge. Russian side was represented by St. Petersburg Institute of Prosthetics, the oldest institution of this profile in the country. 12 patients , including 4 children, are completely rehabilitated now as a result of the unification by Bridge of American technology and Russian experience. But this program is aimed not only on physical rehabilitation after the reconstructive surgery and prosthetic fitting."

"We need to rebuild self confidence in our patients. We would like them to believe and to prove to them that they don't need to distance themselves from any kind of activity, that they are valuable members of our society", says Russian specialist Konstantin Scherbina.

The idea of the amputee "vertical" hockey team was born in Boston in July ,1999, on the second IPRLS International conference.

Text Source: Boston Courier, #102

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