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 Rehabilitation of Landmine Survivors
& Exhibition Game in St. Petersburg
  May 2000

Nikolay K "Veterans of Recent Wars - Together". New horizons in co-operation on modern prosthetics and athletics. Hockey on prostheses.

If you know the parties who could be interested in organization of amputee hockey team or to participate in one:

Please, advise BOES.ORG how to get in touch with them.
As for the information on potential amputee hockey teams participants we will appreciate assistance all over the world

An exhibition game between American and Russian amputee teams will also be played during an intermission of the All Stars match, May, in St. Petersburg, Russia. During the World Ice-Hockey Championship-2000.

Institute of Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Landmine Survivors, Boston, USA.   St. Petersburg Institute of Prosthetics, Russia.   Russian Guild of Prosthetics and Orthopedics and Public Foundation Veterans of Recent Wars - Together.

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