An Emergency Action in International Co-operation
Shao-han's father's S. O. S. Message to BOES.ORG Scandinavia, October 18 '97:
"I am writing to ask for your kind help
to save my son's life

A BOES.ORG Initiative. An Internet Action from October-November 1997.
Co-operation across borders.

Readers Digest, November '98, World edition
The dieing boy's father, Yongxin Deng, wrote explaining that he was an Internet newcomer searching for "kind people all over the world, to offer any help or information"

"A Computer Plea Saved His Life"
Readers Digest, World Edition 1998
The Los Angeles Times, Articles '98       AP,  CNN,  MSNBC '98
Article in BusinessWire       Media in Korea       RD / Das Beste, Juli 1999, German edition
Click the image for German / Deutsch from Readers Digest - Das Beste, Juli 1999
"Brauche Hilfe! Mein Sohn schwebt in Lebensgefahr!"
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