After Shao Shao's third Surgery
 October '99 update

Notes by Brenda Isaacs-Booth, CA, US, 1999
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Shao-han's 5th birthday
"We're still in the hospital so we can't celebrate with him"

" 8/11/99  Today is Shao Shao's 5th birthday! We're still in the hospital so we can't celebrate with him but we wish him a very happy birthday! "

" 8/13/99  My Son Liam goes back to the OR today for his tracheotomy. We are nervous and sad that this has to be done to him but we must get him out of this hospital and home so that he has some kind of life other than laying in a hospital bed! The surgery goes very smoothly with no complications. The Deng and Hao families come to be with us while we wait in the surgical waiting area. Later, the Dengs take Shao Shao for another check up with the PC. "

" 8/31/99  Liam is released from the hospital today and we get to go home. One of the home nurses comes to the hospital to help us with the move back home. Liam is so excited when we get to the parking lot and he sees my car. He starts kicking and bouncing up and down. He smiles and hugs me the whole way home! "

" 10/9/99  Liam and I go over to my brother's house to visit the Dengs. Yehong and Tong Tong come too. It is so wonderful to see Liam, Shao Shao and Tong Tong playing together once again. It is the first time since before Liam's surgery that they have been able to do this!"

" 10/18/99  A producer from a TV show called "It's a Miracle" is interested in doing a segment on Shao Shao's story. We welcome opportunities to let the public know about how prevalent congenital heart defects are. Also it's important for people to realize how many children are in need of surgery and can't receive any due to financial burdens or just lack of technology in their own country. "

Update, August 2000

The texts from this page, by Brenda Isaacs-Booth, CA, US
Photo, September '99, Shao-Han (nicknamed Sho-Shao and/or Sho-Sho)
together with Liam, Brenda's son

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" Liam was born on May 6, 1996 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. He weighed 6 lbs. 11 oz. and received an Apgar of 9 and 9. After 22 hours of labor, including 2 1/2 hours of pushing, he was delivered by Cesarean. He was a gorgeous baby! I cried when I first saw him. It was a moment that I had been waiting for my whole life! My husband, Bill, and I (Brenda) had only been married 4 months when we became pregnant with our little Liam. We were both ecstatic about the birth of our first child.
The day following his birth our Pediatrician came to........."
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