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-The world is too rich to let this kid die
  without a fight

 US-help for Shao-han?
Shao-han Deng
Mary Anne Wehland, USA, was surfing on the internet, late in October.
She found the information she searched for, and ..

-I found Shao-han at BOES.ORG - I stumbled across it on my search for landmine pages.

Mary Anne describes herself:
-I am a mom with a lot of kids and a computer, a modem, and a phone line! Very privileged person!

-Right now we are starting up non-profit Shao-han fund for transport, treatment and follow up care, she says to BOES.ORG, October 26.
-We may raise 100 or we may raise a million. But we gotta try.
-We've already got pledges for 100, and other unspecified amounts.

-The world is too rich to let this kid die without a fight.

-Why I wanna give my help? Better question - why doesn't EVERYBODY wanna give their help? urgent action
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