Free, free! More of Kosova Albanian minors released from the Serbian prisons

December 2, 1999

Result after research and wonderful engagement from Humanitarian Law Center in Belgrade. HLC:s work was (is) followed up, spread and completed by human rights activists and organisations, in a World wide co-operation. For example Sweden-Kosov@ Union (S.K.U), Kosova Humanitarian Aid Organization (KHAO), in the US, and Association of Political Prisoners, in the US

Bad News:
The remaining 9 minors are still detained.    
What You can do? For example "Adoption"

Good News
9 Kosovo Albanian minors still detained in Serbian prison, December '99, name list
3 Kosovo Albanian minors released from the Serbian prison, Oktober '99

Still, 9 Minors in Serbian Prison
Attorney Arrested   Dec 04
Good News!!   Dec 02
Efforts for release   Nov 25
-Criminal proceedings   Nov 22
Dr Flora Brovini   Nov 12
-Grave violations   Nov 08
List of detained Minors
Petition for the Release
***OSCE on Children's Rights in Kosova
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