List of detained Minors and Whomen
transfered from penitentiary's in Kosovo(a) '99

In Serbian Prison

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Nov 25

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Nov 22

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Nov 12

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Nov 08

List of detained Minors

Petition for the Release


Source: Humanitarian Law Center, Belgrade
also by assistance from Wolfgang Plarre
HLC, Research summary, 10 October 1999
Fond za humanitaro pravo
Humanitarian Law Center
Avalska 9, Boegrad, Yugoslavia

Demand for immediate release of ethnic Albanian minors,
wounded, sick, and women from prison

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The 2,000 ethnic Albanian convicts and detainees currently in prisons in Serbia include 25 minors, 11 women, about 200 wounded, and some 50 sick.
Three women are under indictment for criminal offenses in connection with the armed conflict in Kosovo. Four months ago, Igbale Xhafaj (20) from Miraš, Uroševac Township, gave birth to a baby boy at the Požarevac prison.

The Humanitarian Law Center was unable to determine the whereabouts of Zoja Rexhaj from Jablanica village, Pec Township, although her name is on the list released by the Serbian Ministry of Justice of prisoners who were relocated to Serbia in June 1999. 

The minors include: two 13-year-old boys, Ekrem Nebihi (born 14 September 1986 in Glogovac) and Hazir Topali (born 4 March 1986 in Banjica, Glogovac Township); three 14-year-olds, Faton Halilaj (born 25 July 1985 in Trdevc, Glogovac Township), Fjame Topali (born February 1985 in Banjica, Glogovac Township), and Shemsi Muzliu (born 26 January 1985 in Strubllove, Glogovac Township; four 15-year-olds, Albert Nebihu, Hysni Barjaktari, Burim Deliu, Elmaz Elshani, Skender Heta and Sabri Musliu; nine 16-year-olds, Xhevat Podvorica, Muhamet Arllati, Kushrtim Halilaj, Haxhi Haxhiqi, Pleurat Isufi, Zejnullah Qorri, Jeton Heta, Jeset Hoti and Fidin Dervishaj; and six 17-year-olds, Blerim Juniku, Sali Hoxha, Hasim Dukaj, Agron Rexhaj, Belim Istogu and Kujtim Shkambi. 

The wounded now in the prisons at Sremska Mitrovica, Zabela and Niš were injured in the 19-23 May period in the Dubrava prison in Kosovo. Convicts who have in the meantime been released and were in the Dubrava prison in the cited period, state that some ethnic Albanians were killed and wounded in the NATO bombing of the facility but allege that Serbian security forces subsequently killed about 100 and wounded some 200 Albanian prisoners. 

The Humanitarian Law Center considers that minors, wounded, sick and women must have priority in the process of the release or handing over to the UN Mission in Kosovo of ethnic Albanian prisoners and detainees. Their immediate release is above all required on humanitarian grounds and is not subject to political debate. 

List of detained persons transfered from penitentiary's in Kosovo:
Women and Minors   -  "Oslobodjen" means "released"

Femrat - Zene  women

 1 Flora Brovina          
 2 Drita Namani          
 3 Dile Gjunaj          
 4 Iliriana Jahaj          
 5 Mijota Lejlije          
 6 Vera Ndrecaj          
 7 Zoja Rexhaj          
 8 Kumrije Vocaj          
 9 Aferdita Zekaj          
10 Igbale Xhafaj          
11 Mujota Zuhrije          
12 Shahe Isafi          

MALOLETNICI - minors: younger than 18 years

17 years old

 1 Juniku Halim Blerim
Gjakove   KPZ Pozarevac  
 2 Hoxha Gani Sali
    KPZ Pozarevac  
 3 Dukaj Kadri Hasim
Drenovc Deqan Okruzni zatvor Zajecar  
 4 Rexhaj Zenun Agron
M. Jablanice Peja Okruzni zatvor Zajecar  
 5 Elshani Muhamet Alban
Gllogovc   KPZ Sr. Mitrovica oslobodjen 4.10.1999
 6 Istogu Hilmi Belim
Vrbovc Gllogovc KPZ Sr. Mitrovica  
 7 Shkambi Hamdi Kujtim
Cikatove Glogovc KPZ Sr. Mitrovica oslobodjen 4.10.1999

16 years old

 8 Podvorica Behxhet Xhevat
Dumosh Podujeve KPZ Sr. Mitrovica  
 9 Arllati Sherif Muhamet
Trstenik Gllogovc KPZ Zabela, Pozarevac  
 10 Halilaj Qerim Kushtrim
Trdevc Gllogovc KPZ Zabela, Pozarevac  
 11 Haxhiqi Feriz Haxhi
Qikatove Gllogovc KPZ Zabela, Pozarevac  
 12 Isufi Remzi Pleurat
Stankovc Gllogovc KPZ Zabela, Pozarevac  
 13 Qorri Ajet Zejnullah
Gllogovc   KPZ Zabela, Pozarevac  
 14 Heta Bairam Jeton
    KPZ Zabela, Pozarevac  
 15 Hoti Alush Jeset
    KPZ Zabela, Pozarevac  
 16 Dervishaj Aziz Fidin
Gloxhan Deqan Okruzni zatvor Zajecar  

15 years old

 17 Nebihu Kamer Albert
    KPZ Zabela, Pozarevac  
 18 Vrellaku Rrustem Fehmi
Banjice Gllogovc KPZ Sr. Mitrovica oslobodjen 4.10.1999
 19 Bajraktari Emin Hysni
Banjice Gllogovc KPZ Zabela, Pozarevac  
 20 Deliu Ramadan Burim
Abri Gllogovc KPZ Zabela, Pozarevac  
 21 Elshani Shefqet Elmaz
Globare Glogovc KPZ Zabela, Pozarevac  
 22 Heta Zenel Skender
Qikatove e Re Glogovc KPZ Zabela, Pozarevac  
 23 Muzliu Bislim Sabri
Strubllove Gllogovc KPZ Zabela, Pozarevac  

14 years old

 24 Muzliu Sejdi Shemsi
Strubllove Gllogovc KPZ Zabela, Pozarevac  
 25 Topalli Ahmet Fjame
Banjice Gllogovc KPZ Zabela, Pozarevac  
 26 Halilai Zen Faton
Trdevc Gllogovc KPZ Zabela, Pozarevac  

13 years old

 27 Nebihi Xhafer Ekram
Glogovc   KPZ Zabela, Pozarevac  
 28 Topalli Hajrullah Hazir
Banjice Gllogovc KPZ Zabela, Pozarevac  
These boys and girls are in need of Your support.
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