After Mitch, the Street Children, forgotten by everyone
Friday November 13th, 1998  
From one of our Partners - Casa Alianza 

An opinion from Bruce Harris - Regional Director of Casa Alianza Latin America  

Lists, Lists and More Lists

Lists of homeless people, lists of disappeared, lists of the dead. It is in this way that the international aid is being distributed - through innumerable lists.

The Red Cross, the police and international support agencies all of them working with lists and boards.

But in non-of these lists appear the names of street children. They don't have a house, or a family that can inform that they have disappeared, they don't appear in any list. Once again they are forgotten by everyone. There is no help.

Amidst this solidarity more than 1,300 street children in Tegucigalpa receive a hard piece of bread, a small present or are contracted to help clean the streets. Now they can sleep soundly in the street because with this curfew no one will bother them and the police haven't been in the streets much lately. But this won't last…………

Soon we will se the return of where these children are seen as . When there is no longer any help and the compassion has ended, once again the social cleansing will begin and this time they won't be cleaning up mud………

We always harvest what we sow. Now is the moment to make a difference to the street children. Perhaps now while society appreciates what its like to be a street child. We are without a house. We are hungry. And we are afraid, this is the daily diet of street children. The majority can, however, little by little reconstruct their lives with the help of the world. And what about the street children?

In Casa Alianza we have a list for children. The truth is that we have two. The other is for street children who are no longer alive. Who knows if they are alive or dead. Society won't miss them, but we are in mourning.

They say that Mitch was an act of God. But the God of these street children wouldn't want them to suffer this much.


Casa Alianza, a BOES.ORG Partner, received the prestigious Olof Palme Award 1997

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