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Lifesaving Action for Rinor Peci, Aged 4½.
Now:  Prishtina > Vienna > John F. Kennedy Airport
February 10.   Rinor in the air, to USA for Lifesaving Surgery
June 6. After a number of e-mails, phone calls and faxes to KFOR in Kosovo. Contact is now established to KFOR German Field Hospital, Prizren, Kosovo.
Captain Wilkie is very helpful and supports a preparation of a Lifesaving Action for little Rinor. Capt. Wilkie downloaded and printed these Rinor Peci pages:
Captain Wilkie has forwarded the e-mail, the fax and the web-files from BOES.ORG, to the leader of the KFOR German Field Hospital in Prizren, Kosovo.
They will now collect all the available medical records for Rinor Peci.
The following items are the documents required, if available:
1- General Medical History (required)
2- Chest X-Ray (required)
3- EKG (Required)
4- ECHO cardiogram-report and video tape (if at all possible)
5- Heart Catherization report and video tape (if available)
BBC Kosovo Map June 20. Telephone contact this afternoon between German KFOR Sergeant Schombach, and BOES.ORG - (Captain Wilkie told us some weeks ago, his Kosovo-work was ended and he was going to leave Kosovo for Germany.)
Sergeant Schombach promises that some of Rinor Peci's records will be sent from the German field hospital next week.
July 5. From Erica, Gift of Life, Rotary U.S. district 7490, to BOES.ORG:
"I have not yet recieved anything from the German Field hospital. I know that they however do have the equipment to do an ECHO cardiogram because to files labeled "Kardio" that you have uploaded to the webpage are exactly what I need. The easier way to explain it is when the Doctors do the test it is recorded as a video, from that they can print individul photos, which are what we have already. Dr. Issenberg and his team here however need the complete video to make an accurate decision. So as of yet, I have not recieved anything directly from them."
August 18. Several remindings are sent to the German KFOR in Kosovo, to the field hospital in Prizren and to Sergeant Schombach. Two months have passed since "the Schombach-promise".
Question from Erica, our and Rotary District 7490's important link for Rinor's survival:   "I am still waiting for the ECHO video from Rinor. Do you know if it is on the way? I need to get that before the doctor's will give an opionion".
August 28. Since service minded Captain Wilkie left German KFOR, the communication and results are "not so high as it started", in order to collect and send theirs' young patient's "old" medical records.
Is it medically possible to help Rinor?
It's too late now for the still unsent KFOR-video to complete the puzzle. Instead, by the help from University Clinical Centre in Prishtine, Kosovo, and by assistance from Rinor and his family members, we could have a new one. This new version just arrived to New Jersey, U.S.
October 24. Rinor's chart has been determined and accepted. Date is not scheduled.
November 19. Positive news!! Date of surgery for Rinor Peci, in the U.S:   Febuary 26, 2002
December 30 Rinor has been assigned to his sponsor club and host family. His sponsor club is the Paterson Noon Rotary Club, (a very large club in the main city of Northern NJ).
February 9, 2002. Today, Rinor and his mother Myzafere Peci, go by air from Prishtina Airport in Kosovo, to Vienna in Austria for an overnight stay. Tomorrow, February 10 at 11.20 AM, they'll take off from Vienna, for the flight to John F. Kennedy Airport in the U.S.
A Lifesaving Action in co-operation between BOES.ORG and Rotary District 7490, Gift of Life, in New Jersey U.S.   Surgery Sponsor: Paterson Noon Rotary Club, NJ
Rinor Peci aged 4
   February 10. Rinor's family contacted BOES.ORG in June 2001, about the little boy's hard need for a lifesaving surgery. It was delayed more than one month by the German KFOR Field Hospital in Prizren, ignoring to send Rinor's complete chart to the doctors in the U.S.
While Rinor today February 10, flies over the clouds to find quality of life, he does not know that Jerden Sampang aged 2, at the very same moment goes by air, from her successful lifesaving surgery at Montefiore Medical Center in New York, to her sister Joie and to the home in "Jerden City" Olongapo, Philippines.
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