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Lifesaving Action for Rinor Peci, aged 4½.
Successful Surgery in N.Y, February 28
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 13:12:24 EST. From Erica, Rotary/GOL New Jersey:
"Rinor and mother are in the hospital now. He was admitted yesterday, but she is very anxiuos and worried and everything went very well. Right now, 1 PM (EST) Rinor is getting out of his catherization."
"I should hear how that went later this evening, they don't let anyone see Rinor until 2 hours after the cath. As long as everything looks as they expect, tomorrow, February 28 at 7:30 AM, He will go into pre-op, then into surgery by 8:30, It should be between a 6-9 hour surgery. They never know till they get there, how long it will be. My mother and I will both be at the hospital tomorrow with Myzafere. -- Love Erica"
February 28. Successful surgery today. "Only" 3½ hours needed.
Rinor is still sleeping in the ICU. His contact person, Luljeta Mustafa, has been in phone contact with Rinor's now very happy mother, Myzafere, after the operation in New York.

Both relatives and the translator have been in daily contact with Rinor's mother since February 11. We did belive in the promises to receive day by day updates and diary notes. But still, March 22, after numerous of reminders, no one did fulfill that part of the mission.
A mother's experiences and thoughts.
Recommendation: By this link you can read about a mother's experiences and thoughts, while visiting the U.S via The Internet Lifeline! Maribel Aguirre and her son Rodin, from the Philippines, did arrive to the U.S for Rodin's Lifesaving surgery March 7, at the same hosital as Rinor, Montefiore Medical Center.
A Lifesaving Action in co-operation between BOES.ORG and Rotary District 7490, Gift of Life, in New Jersey U.S.   Surgery Sponsor: Paterson Noon Rotary Club, NJ
Co-operating Hospital: Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, New York
Rinor Peci and his mother Myzafere from Kosovo in former Yugoslavia. His first big water, the Atlantic Ocean, New Jersey, February 16 2002Rinor Peci 4½ years old, in the U.S. for his lifesaving heart surgery.
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