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"Communinication-base-page" for lifesaving action. Uploaded June 4, 2001
To the Doctors and to the administration-section:
German Field Hospital Kfor in Prizren, Kosovo

Boy, 4 years old, living in Kosovo. Please send all and complete Medical Report copies, for him - Kfor German Field Hospital patient nr: 16173, Rinor Peci !
BOES.ORG received just some of them (copies from copies, sent by his family) and they aren't readable enough. We try to help Rinor P. to receive the needed treatment, so we will forward the medical information to participating Rotary 7490, Gift of Life (New Jersey), and the actual hospital. The following items are the documents required:
1- General Medical History (required)
2- Chest X-Ray (required)
3- EKG (Required)
4- ECHO cardiogram-report and video tape (if at all possible)
5- Heart Catherization report and video tape (if available)
Please, send ASAP and include contact names, e-mailaddresses, tel & fax numbers for eventually further questions, completings or specifications.
Let's inform in e-mail how to send the Cardio Video.
BOES.ORG Contact
Subject: "Medical report, Rinor Peci"
First treatment at German Field Hospital Kfor in Prizren, January 19, 2001. This and the following Rinor Peci-pages are "communication-pages".
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