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Master Pritish Diwan
   "My son, Master Pritish Diwan is 2 ½ years male child was detected to have Cyanotic Congenitial heart disease".
"He was having cynosis at birth. The Cath & Angiography done on 12.8.99 revealed tricuspid atresia, VA concordance.PS. LPA Stenosis at ductal insertion. The child underwent right B.T Shunt & LPA plasty with pericardial patch in August,1999 at Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre, New Delhi."
"In January, 2000 again Angiography was done and it was revealed tricuspid atresia with B.T Shunt, severe stenosis of LPA at origin. Patent B.T. Shunt PDA feeding LPA Antegrade flow present in MPA. In view of his Sympomatic status, Cath and Angio findings, he was advised surgery."
"In April 2000, Bi-directional Glenn+Preicardial plasty of LPA extended into RPA with PDA, ligation and Ligation of right modified B.T Shunt was done. After surgery, Echo revealed normal functioning Gleen, well opened LPA, normal LV function, No PE."
"The Child Echo was again done in June, 2001 which has revealed Patent Glenn Shunt, Residual LPA Stenosis, No Residual PDA flow. The Doctors at Escorts Heart Institute may soon plan for Fontain Surgery after Angiography which was otherwise earlier planned to be carried out at the age of 10-12 years."
With regards,
Varinder Kumar Diwan
Chandigarh, India

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