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Urgent Action - from China to ???
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  Incoming e-mails
"To Save
My Daughter's Life"
June 20, 2000

SOS - Lin
Her arriving to this world brought us happyness

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is asking kind help from China to save my daughter's life. My daughter is a one-year-old girl. She was diagnosed as having serious congenital heart diseases (VSD, functionally single ventricle, transposition of great arteries and pulmonary hypertension). The diagnosing doctors told me that my daughter's diseases were highly rare, complex, dangerous and almost incurable in China. My husband and I are in the deepest despair.

My husband and I are ordinary workers in China. We are trying to seek possible international help, which seems to be the only opportunity for my daughter. Our economic situation is poor and cannot afford international medical expenses. So any help or information about charitable medical organizations and possible financial support will be highly appreciated. To find more possible help from the kind people all over the world, we hope this message could be spread out.

My family would be extremely grateful if you would like to give us help in whatever way.

Thank you very much!
Yours sincerely,
Wei Chuangxin

Your idea for help can be sent to: BOES.ORG
Your message will be forwarded.
Subject: "Shanghai Forward"

Dear BOES.ORG crew,

My daughter's name is Lin Wei-hua. She was born on June 12, 1999. She is a lovely girl. Her arriving to this world brought us happyness. We love her just like other parents to their children. Unfortunately, she was dignosed as congenital heart disease. We took her from Fuzhou to Shanghai to go to the best hospotal in China. But we were told that she cannot be performed surgery because of the technique here.

My daughter is only one year old. She does not know what is happening to her. She also does not know what is waiting for her. I hope that she would never know and she can grow up happy, like other children.

The diagnosis report from Shanghai Children's Medical Center was translated to English. It is attached below.

Sincerely yours,
Wei Chuangxin

Dear BOES.ORG crew,

I just sent you 2 email for my daughter's(Lin Wei-hua) information. The first one attached a brief case report from the doctor in Shanghai. The second one attached a photo of my daughter. Please check them and tell me if you need anything else. Thanks for your kindness help!

Sincerely yours,
Wei Chuangxin
The mother of Lin Wei-hua

BRIEF CASE REPORT, from Shanghai Children's Medical Center.

Wei-Hua Lin, a one-year-old girl, is referred for a murmur. Cyanosis is present. SaO 2 is 89 percent. Blood pressure is normal. A systolic murmur can be heard at the middle to lower region of the left sternal margin. P2 is accentuated. Liver is 2 cm below the right costal margin. CXR shows increased pulmonary vascular markings and enlarged heart shadow. ECG shows right atrium enlargement, more than 60mm of V3 lead and biphasic T wave on the right chest leads.
ECHO shows large VSD(the diameter of VSD is 2.13 cm), functionally single ventricle, malposition of the great arteries(aorta located left of and anterior to pulmonary artery), abnormal positions of mitral papillary muscles(accessory papillary muscle attached to ventricular septum), regurgitations of AV valves(MR mild and TR moderate) and pulmonary hypertension. MRI shows large VSD, functionally single ventricle, malposition of the great arteries and regurgitations of AV valves.

The result of recent hepatitis B test is feminine.

Your idea for help can be sent to:
Your message will be forwarded.
Subject: "Shanghai Forward"

Update!   Lin received help.
Check the page describing positive result for Lin!

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