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Kulchitska Antonina "Tonya" Vitalievna, born Aug.2, 1990, in Kiev, Ukraine.
Missing Girl - Kulchitska, Antonina "Tonya" Vitalievna, aged 12
  Кульчицька Антоніна Віталіївна, 2.08.1990 р.н., учениця 6-го класу 314-ї середньої школи, мешкає по вулиці Княжий Затон.
Прикмети: на вигляд 12 років, зріст 160-165 см, худорлявої статури, волосся темне фарбоване.
Була одягнута: сині джинсові комбінезон і курточка, зелений гольф, бежеві кросівки. Каталась на дамському вишневому велосипеді "Rochet".
Особлива прикмета: на тілі має велику білу пляму

Kulchitska, Antonina "Tonya" Vitalievna, born Aug.2, 1990, in Kiev, Ukraine.

Antonina "Tonya" Kulchitska and Nadiya (Nadya) Uschenko, both aged 12, disappeared from the playground in front of their building, June 10, 2002.
Early in the afternoon, both girls left their apartments and went playing. They were biking in the neighborhood. One of the mothers called one of the girls on her cell phone at approximately 16:00, however there was no answer. Both parents alarmed by the situation went searching for their kids. At 19:00, they reported the incident to the local police.

Tonya speaks Russian and Ukrainian. She attended School #314 in Kiev (Kyiv). The local police claimed that they investigated the case, however, with no results.

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