A Municipal Government with foresight

September 25, 1997

Conclusions regarding children's rights by Kristinehamn's Government
Excerpt from the local government document:

In 1990 Sweden ratified the United Nation's convention regarding children's rights. One of the main principles states that every nation "to the maximum extent of their available resources" to prioritize childrens needs when making political decision and during social planning.

The municipal Governments resolution according to the Government Board proposal

The Municipal Council sanctions the motion regarding children's rights.

The Municipal Government commissions the local committees and government board to enclose a report, which will show how decisions made during the year have effected the living conditions for children and youths up to the age of 18, with the 1997 closing of the books.

The Municipal Government decided that the Government Board should, while working with the report, make a plan of action as how to safeguard the needs and recources for children and youths in the local government decision making process. The following should be taken into consideration:

map, Kristinehamn
  • Each administration appoints on person to take responsibility to make sure that the perspectives of the children and youths is reflectedin the public sector.
  • Each decision made has an evaluation of the consequences it will have on children and youths.
  • The end of the year report shall illustrate how decisions made have influenced the living conditions for children and youths.
  • Inquiries should be made as to the childrens and youths own views regarding the social planning.
  • Directions as how to manage the year end report shall be compiled.

foot note:
This very worthy and farsighted decision was made by Kristinehamn's Municipal Governments Council, Sweden, in accordance with the Local Government Board's prepared proposal.
Kristinehamn, number of inhabitants: 26.000
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