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Knocking on the door - The Future
"States Parties shall respect the responsibilities, rights, and duties of parents or, where applicable, the members of the extended family or community as provided for by local custom, legal guardians or other persons legally responsible for the child, to provide, in a manner consistent with the evolving capacities of the child, appropriate direction and guidance in the exercise by the child of the rights recognized in the present Convention."

The Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 5      

Nine Vivaldi Classics   Op 8 Nº 4 - Allegro Op 8 Nº 1 - Largo, M. Reyto Op 8 Nº 1 - Allegro Op 8 Nº 4 - Largo Op 8 Nº 1 - Spring Op 8 Nº 1 - Largo, N. Sheldon Op 8 Nº 1 - Allegro, N. Sheldon Op 8 Nº 3 - Allegro Op 8 Nº 2 - Summer Classical Music Gold Click Line  Image © BOES.ORG