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Source: UNICEF, August 25, 1998  

There is confirmed information on landmines reported by Kosovo Diplomatic Observers Mission (KDOM) in yesterdays' security information at UNHCR.
Landmines are recognized to be both anti-personal and anti-tank mines.

"While UNHCR cannot confirm various reports about mines in Kosovo, it is confirmed that mines have been laid along the Albanian and Macedonian border with Kosovo and in the areas of Lapusnik, Iglrevo, Rakovina and the road between Rakovina and Klina."

x Landmines are confirmed in the area of:

- Junik and surroundings, particularly a dirt road which goes to the north from the village of Junik

- Yugoslav-Albanian border

- south of Grevnik (south of Dolac checkpoint in Klina mun).

- southwest of Komerane

Advice from KDOM are:

- Not to enter any trenches or bunkers
- better to take hard-surface roads
- use non-paved roads only used by people in the area
- gather information from local people

Support a total Ban on Landmines

Anti-personnel mines do not only sever limbs, they can break the human spirit. We talk not of mine victims, but of survivors - but to survive such trauma requires support, encouragement and love. That responsibility must not be left to the survivors family and friends, who are often struggling themselves against poverty and the damaging effects of conflict, but to a greater family - the human family. In most mine affected countries we, the international community, must offer more than the surgeon's knife and prostheses as support to those who survive the blast of a landmine - in some countries even that basic level of care may not be available.

Rae McGrath, ICBL, International Campaign to Ban Landmines
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