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Children as victims   Compiled and BOES.ORG-published 1997
One quarter of the world's children live in south Asia.
40 Million children live on the streets of the world's cities; in 1988, 8,000,000 of them were on the streets of Sao Paolo, Brazil (population 32,000,000).
The average age of the homeless in the USA is 9.
12 Million children a year die before reaching 5, mostly from preventable diseases.
Three US children die every day as a result of abuse or neglect.
A child born in New York today is less likely to live to 5 than a child born in Shanghai.
30% of children in developing countries do not complete 4 years of schooling.
Children in the US are owed US$34 billion in unpaid child support.
20% of all America's children live below the poverty line; 43.8% of America's black children live below the poverty line.
In 1979, 1 in 10 children in the UK lived below the poverty line; in 1996, it was 1 in 3.
2,000,000 children visit EuroDisney every year.
A gun takes the life of a child every 2 hours in the USA; 50,000 children were killed by firearms between 1979 and 1991 - same as US casualties in the Vietnam War.
In Liberia, children made up a quarter of all civil war combatants.
Child mortality rates have fallen by 50% since 1946.
Children are tortured by the authorities in 11 countries.
There are 100,000,000-200,000,000 child labourers worldwide.
64,000 US children aged 14-17 were treated in hospital for work-related injuries in 1992.
In Angola, 7% of children had fired at somebody in 1995.
In Sarajevo, 1 in 4 children have been wounded.
In Rwanda, 114,000 children had been separated from their families by the end of 1994.
In the UK, children begin to worry about being too fat by the age of 8.
An extra US$30-40 billion would eradicate poverty by the year 2000.
In California youths serve sentences 60% longer than adults for the same crimes.
A baby born to an unskilled manual worker in the UK was twice as likely to die in its first year as a baby from a professional/managerial home.
2,800 Children were murdered in Columbia in 1991.
85% Of US child prostitutes have previously suffered rape, incest or abuse.
1,000,000 Children work in the Asian sex trade.
1,000,000 children worldwide have been born HIV-positive.
Children are the victims of summary execution in 32 countries.
US child star of Home Alone, Macaulay Culkin is worth US$20 million.
By age 15, between 20-25 per cent of British children have tried solvents or other drugs.
3,568 Legal abortions were performed on under 16-year-olds in the UK in 1988.
By the age of 18, young people have watched over 23,000 hours of television, many more than they have spent in the classroom.
6,042 Children are arrested every day in the USA.
48 Brazilian orphans are available for adoption via the Internet.
50% Of Cambodians are under 15.
70% Of Indonesia's under 5s are malnourished according to a local health official.
Ireland has the world's lowest infant mortality rate.
4,000 Children in the USA will be murdered by their parents this year.
1.3 Million US children run away from violence or rape every year.
40% Of murdered children were in the legal custody of social services at the time.
2,000,000 Girls between 4 and 12 undergo genital mutilation every year.
At least 1,000,000 children a year are left motherless by death in childbirth.
12% Of 15-year-olds in the industrialised world smoke cigarettes every day.

Compiled by Jesse Banfield and Nevine Mabro, Index on Censorship.

Sources include: The State of the World's Children (1996); Save the Children Review 1995-6; The Progress of Nations 1996 (UNICEF website); Sandy Ruskin Children in Europe; Child Welfare League of America HN3898; New Internationalist; National Child Rights Alliance (website); The Internet Index (; Children's Defense Fund (USA); Plant & Plant Risk Takers; Free Labour World (USA); Freedom Review (USA).
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