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"Our first child Noelle R. Sucaldito, 4 months old"
Manila, Philippines
Incoming Letter:
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Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 23:57:13 +0800
"To whom this may concern,
We were glad to introduce to you our first child Noelle R. Sucaldito, a pretty four months old baby girl. She was born last October 1, 2001 at UST Hospital, Manila, Philippines. We all love to call her Noel which stands for christmas. She was found to have a congenital heart defect which can only be corrected sugically. She is a cyanotic or 'blue' baby which can be seen to her lips and nail beds."
"She is growing normally with an average weight but her left chest cannot hide the enlargement of her heart. Those were all normal for her condition, but we as her parents would like to see her grow with a healthy functioning heart. That would only be possible if major operations will be done to her through people who could help her in sponsoring her surgery as soon as she turned one or two years old. Open-heart surgery would be the quickest way for her to breath normal and live longer. Help her grow normal and experience the joy of living. Thank God to those who finds time to read this letter."
Respectfully yours,
Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Sucaldito Jr.

Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 14:01:34 +0800
"Thank you for waiting to our reply. We talked to our child's Cardiologist and told us that the needed procedure is available here in the Philippines.
She is worried that we cannot afford the cost of the Surgery which is costing to a nearly half a million pesos (10,000 US dollars)."
  "A typically employed wife like me and a husband without a permanent job will never have that amount of money. We are still hoping that you can still give Noelle the Gift of Life that is an answer to our constant prayers."
Respectfully your's,
Mr & Mrs. Sucaldito
God Bless.
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