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Lee Kelvin.Sarmiento aged 12
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Latest Update, August 6
Kelvin, discharged 3 days after the surgery July 1 - Kelvin was discharged from Montefiore last night after only 3 days after surgery!! Another Modern Medical Miracle!!! He is doing wonderfully.
Kelvin can't wait to get home and play basketball with all his friends!!

July 2 - E-mail to BOES.ORG from Emily, Kelvin's mother:  "Hello once again!   I really am so happy because kelvin recovered so fast, we went 'home' after three days since his surgery. The doctor were all amazed, and who would not?
I'll be giving you a more complete update on wednesday after the check up of Kelvin. Tom promised to take us to his work so I could do some e-mailing.
I really cant thank you enough for all these things, but I always include you in my prayers. Until Wednesday friends. God bless!  So much thankful,"  /Emily

July 2 - In reply to our birthday greeting, Emily wrote:  "Thank you so much. This is the greatest gift I have ever had in my entire life. God has been so good to me and my family, I cant ask for more. It's my 39th birthday- and it's the best of everything. Thank you so much for remembering me and Kelvin for this memorable day. God bless us all!   With so much gratitude,"

July 4 - From Emily: "We just had Kelvin's post operative check up, and God has been so good to us because Kelvin has been cleared of everything and so we are ready to go back home anytime. Isn't that amazing? Tom took us to the office where he works and I was so surprised when we reached the kitchen of their office, the employees were all there with a nice cake on the table.They greeted with me the birthday song, I was speechless. I just had the grandest birthday present ever- Kelvin's new lease on life courtesy of the Gift of Life, and of course this wouldn't be possible if God didn't allow me to also find out about BOES.ORG. Thanks so much. I'll just inform you about the details of our flight back, we haven't arranged it yet."

July 7, 2002 16:31:40 (Eastern Standard Time).
Kelvin F. Sarmiento 13, writes his first text after his surgery:
"Truly, God has been so good to me and my family. I thank Him for touching so many kind-hearted people to be instruments for me to have a normal life. Thanks a lot to BOES.ORG, GOL and the PASSAIC Rotary Club, our host Tom Coughlin, the Doctors and staff of Montefiore Medical Center, and many others for their prayers. Surely, this world can be a better place to live in because of people like you. God bless!"

Emily Sarmiento July 12 - Emily continues: "I just want to give you an update just before we go back home. Last Tuesday, July 8, we were invited at the meeting of the Passaic Rotary Club which sponsored the surgery of Kelvin. It was really very touching to see the people who were instrumental for a young boy to have a brand new life. I had a chance to personally thank them for what they did not only to Kelvin but to the entire family, surely, all these people behind this life-saving program are the ones responsible for bringing back smiles on our faces."

"Before I give the flight details may I just express my gratitude, in behalf of my family, to: BOES.ORG, GOL, the Passaic Rotary Club,the doctors and nurses of Montefiore Medical Center, Mr. Tom Coughlin and Debbie, Jennifer, Dr. Collado, my relatives and friends here in the US and back home for all the support they have given us. My husband just informed me that the PAGCOR in Angeles City, through the initiative of Councilor Alvaro,has also extended financial help. To all of you, a million thanks."  / Emily and Kelvin

Flight details back home, with Continental Airlines Flight #1968
6:00 AM to Houston       9:40 AM to Honolulu       12:45 PM to Guam
Flight #1933 5:25 PM to Manila
Arrival, 8:40 PM Monday (Manila time), at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

July 15 - Kelvin and Emily arrived safely in Manila at 8:30 P.M. They went straight home to Angeles, Pampanga. Kelvin is going to have his check up with Dr. Collado at the Phil. Heart Center next week.

July 18 - Emily wrote: "A very pleasant day to you once again. It is really nice to be back home and be with our loved ones and most of all share the good news to everyone. Kelvin is now another living testimony of God's love and miracle. Many people here and everywhere who learned about his wonderful story are being blessed. I thank God and the people He used for this amazing thing."

BOES.ORG/internetlifeline - Selected as Finalist in Stockholm Challenge Award 2002 "We arrived in Manila on July 15 at 8:20 PM, we were picked up by my family and relatives who were all wearing smiles on their faces as they saw us especially Kelvin. Our flight back home was a much tiring one as we had to stop over in Houston, then to Honolulu , Guam before finally reaching Manila. We had a problem when we boarded the flight to Houston because I had no seat and the steward insisted that I did not checked in so I was told to get off the plane. I insisted that I checked in, if not, Kelvin and I should have not been given boarding passes which I had shown them. After so much deliberation we were finally given first class seats instead. Kelvin was relieved and stopped crying. He started crying when he sensed that something was going wrong, as he saw me arguing with the attendants. I hope that the airline will improve its service and not try to put the blame for its failure to the passengers just like what they did to us."

"This week is such a very busy week because relatives and friends keep on coming to greet us and to see what God and the kind-hearted people have done to him."  /Emily

August 6 - Update on Kelvin's health from mom Emily:  "I just want to give you an update about Kelvin because I believe you have the right to know what is going on about him. Well, he already went back to school last Monday and he was really so much excited. He has already been doing things which were impossible for him to do before he had his surgery. He can now walk without getting exhausted, in fact, only few days after we arrived here, he has started going somewhere with his friends. He even experimented running just few distance in order to experience how it is to run. I reprimanded him for all his excitements as he is still under medication. All he exclaims is, 'How nice it is to have a normal life!'
I understand him because he is overjoyed. He also keeps on telling everyone his wonderful experiences in the US, I know that he will always be thankful to all the people responsible for his brand new life, the same way that we, his parents and relatives are grateful to all of you and of course to the Almighty."

"Last Wednesday, we took him to Dr. Collado (Philippine Heart Center) for his check-up and it was found out that he still has minimal fluids on his lungs, and the doctor gave him Aldactone 50 mg which he takes after every 2 days. I hope that in few days he will be able to overcome it and that everything will be normalized. I shall always keep you posted regarding Kelvin, I just hope that you wont get tired of reading my updates about him. Im always praying for all of you and all the beneficiaries . Thanking you so much." /Emily

Lee Kelvin.Sarmiento aged 12
  In International Cooperation

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