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Lee Kelvin.Sarmiento aged 12
Lifesaving Action in International Cooperation
June 2002
"My son keeps on telling me that he'll soon be able to play basketball just like the other kids do."

June 11 - Kelvin's surgery is scheduled on June 25 at Montefiore Medical Center, NY.

June 18 - Kelvin and mom Emily were scheduled by the US Embassy for an emergency appointment on June 20. They were booked for June 22 flight via Continental Airlines.

June 21 - Kelvin is so excited to have a brand new normal life but a little scared of the surgical process especially when he saw Dajed's surgery photos but his mom believes that he will overcome and survive. His schoolmates, teachers, friends and all well wishers are all saying their prayers for Kelvin's successful surgery.

June 22 - Kelvin and Emily will be on board the Continental Airlines Flight #0934 at 10:55PM today with the following route: Manila-Guam-Honolulu-Newark. They are expected to arrive at Newark International Airport at 10:30AM June 23, Sunday (NJ time). Hosting them are Tom and Debbie Coughlin of Berkeley Heights, NJ. Tom and GOL's Erica Topp will meet them at the airport.

June 24 - Emily, Kelvin's mom wrote: "We arrived here at Newark yesterday morning and the first thing we really wanted was to have sleep after those tiring eighteen hours of flight. Our host met us at the airport together with Erica and her friend, and it's really very touching to see some of the angels whom God sent for us. We knew that there was nothing to worry about as we are in good hands though we are miles away from home."

"Tom Coughlin, our host, is such a nice person with an equally nice girlfriend whose warmth and kindness made us feel at home.His computer doesnt have internet access so he drove us to his brother's house nearby. I told him that I have to update you with what's going on with us, though he's tired from work, he's doing everything for us. He lets me use his phone too but I'm too shy to abuse his kindness so I have to buy my phonecard."

"Kelvin will be admitted at the hospital tomorrow for all the tests and bloodwork and if everything is alright, he'll have his surgery this week. Im nervous but hopeful and I keep my faith in HIM as well as to all the doctors who will handle the task. Kelvin doesn't show any sign of nervousness, what he knows is that, he'll get better after going through this. Look at the faith! He's giving me a lot of strength to face all these. I know this isnt going to be very easy so I ask you please to help me pray for him."

"I had the chance to talk to Liza, the twin's mom, I could feel the agony but I told her to be strong as she has another daughter to take care of. They will be going to Montefiore on Wednesday to meet me too, and to give me Filipino food such as pandesal and noodles which, according to them, were given by Filipino nurses. How nice to hear that Filipinos band together especially during times like these, Im so touched."

"I also started contacting some of my friends and relatives living in the New Jersey-New York area because times like these, we need people to be around and give us moral support and some already assured that they will be visiting us at the hospital. It's a great relief!."   /Emily Sarmiento, Kelvin's mom

Kelvin at Montfiore, after his cardiac catherization and before surgery June 26
(Eastern Standard Time). From Emily Sarmiento, Kelvin's mother:
"Kelvin is presently at the operating room, He was taken there early in the morning. There was no sign of nervousness on his part because he knows that he is going to be in good hands.He has been waiting for this wonderful opportunity and he keeps on telling me that he'll soon be able to play basketball just like the other kids do."

June 27 (Eastern Standard Time). Emily continues:  "As a mother, this is really the hardest part - to wait for the result of the surgery.
Yesterday, I became emotional while he was at the place where the cath was being done. It's really painful why he has to suffer a lot, if I could just exchange place with him, I could have done it years back. It's agood thing there are wonderful people around to comfort me and assure that everything is going on just fine."

June 28 - E-mail update from Erica, N.J.  U.S. to BOES.ORG in Scandinavia.
"Kelvin came out of surgery after about 3 1/2 hours. He did very well. The doctors feel all was sucessful. I saw him myslef this afternoon, about 3 hours post surgery and he was awake, and even speaking a few words."

BOES.ORG/internetlifeline - Selected as Finalist in Stockholm Challenge Award 2002 June 30 - Erica continues:  "Kelvin is continually doing well. From what I hear, they are possibly going to discharge him on Tuesday. That would be wonderful!! Emily is also extremely happy to see her son, recovering so well. The first thing Emily remarked on after he was allowed to see her, was that Kelvin's fingertips and lips were now pink, instead of the dusty Blue of CHD".

Lee Kelvin.Sarmiento aged 12
  In International Cooperation

Children's Rights Across the World,
Scandinavia based

and Rotary International
District 7490
Gift of Life, U.S.

Montefiore Medical Center, NY

Surgery sponsor:
Passaic Rotary Club, New Jersey
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