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Lee Kelvin.Sarmiento aged 12
Lifesaving Action in International Cooperation
From Emily Sarmiento, mother of Lee Kelvin:
"Greetings in Peace!
We are truly overwhelmed with your sincerity to be of help to our son, Lee Kelvin Sarmiento who has been suffering from heart ailment for almost thirteen years now. We thank God for this wonderful opportunity that finally there is hope for my son to have a new lease on life through kind hearted individuals and organizations like the Gift of Life Foundation.and BOES.ORG"
"We fervently pray that Kelvin, just like Joshua Perez, Dajed Montojo and the other beneficiaries of Gift of Life Foundation, will one day have a normal life so he could realize all his wonderful dreams."
"My family would like to extend its deepest gratitude for the hope that you give to us by means of your replies to our emails.My son,kelvin, is too excited because finally we found some kindhearted people assuring us that he is not forgotten.He can't wait for that day when he can finally go back to school again after having been advised to rest until the much needed surgery is over."
"I had the chance of visiting the website of internetlifeline and I couldnt help myself but cry while I was reading some of the diaries. I could relate because I know exactly how it feels to be a mother of child with heart ailment. I have had this worries, feelings for almost 13 years now."
"With people like you and the generous organizations,my son will finally have a brand new life. I thank God so much for showing us the way towards your lifesaving foundation.I trust Him so much and I know He will never fail a young boy so full of ambitions and has the will to survive, to stay the way he is for the rest of his life.
We fervently hope and pray that the foundation will finally consider Kelvin's case and be the most precious gift he'll ever received on his 13th birthday on May 4."
"Appealing to all of you,
Emily Sarmiento
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