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Lei Anne Pearl & Lyrize Julienne - Twins
Olongapo City, Philippines         Lifesaving Action
March 21 - June 04, 2002

Attention! Emergency! Lei Anne Pearl Escoton
Lei Anne Pearl
Lyrize Julienne Escoton
Lyrize Julienne
S.O.S. March 21, 2002
"Lei Anne will be cut down again this morning. The vein they used for the second cut gives her fever. Accdg to the doctors, her on and off fever is due to the inflamed vein. She also has rashes/ allergy, from what medicine, I do not know becuase I believed they conducted the skin test."
"According to Dr. Ridon, her pediatrician, Lei Anne is under observation for four days, so that would be up to today or tomorrow. She's afraid Lei-Anne's heart will fail her. But as I've said before, we clung on to GOD for help, for the extension of Lei Anne's (our little darling) life."
"We will not give up this fight. We are also looking for some people who may help us finance their operation. It is also good to know that Dr. Ridon and Dr. Musngi are also on chat with other doctors, trying to help Lei Anne and Lyrize. I am also thankful to them for the extra attention they are giving to Lei Anne (instruments sent by GOD to hep our angel). We are really blessed to be surrounded by people who are willing to help in any way they can."   / Lani
March 27, 2002 - from Erica and Andrew Topp, Rotary 7490 GOL:
"The sponsorships of both of the twins has been arranged. However, we are still waiting for a schedule and proposed date from Dr. Issenberg, but that can not be done until we recieve the last little piece of info we need from Dr. Collado or any attending doctor. We need to know the girls' Blood Oxygen Saturation level. Please get this to us, so we can schedule their sugeries."
"Sponsoring will be handled as follows--"
"We have recieved a pledge of $3,000 from Rotary District 3830 of Philippines and the balance will be paid for by the Manchester High School Interact Club."
"The Paterson Noon Rotary Club has paid for her surgery."
"Host family is still being arranged. Remember that although we won't definitly know until the girls are here and evaulated by Dr. Issenberg, he currently believes that they will both be needing 2 surgeries, so if you have been working on any other leads to bring in sponsors please continue because the current amount of sponsorship will not be covering their entire care, only the first operations."
April 23, 2002 - Lyrize Escoton and LeiAnne Escoton have been accepted for initial evaluation and cardiac catheterization at Montefiore Medical center on June 6. They will need to arrive in the U.S. on or about June 3. E-mail and hard copies of visa request letters will be mailed to the Escotons in a day or so. Fax copy will also be sent to the embassy visa office.
BOES.ORG/internetlifeline - Selected as Finalist in Stockholm Challenge Award 2002 Financial support would be especially appreciated in these girls' cases. They will both, most likely, need two surgeries, spaced one year or so apart.
Lei Anne and her twin sister Lyrize 9 months old will meet the advanced and well known heart specialists in the U.S. in June. But we have to be clear about that both these cases are quite serious. So there are still no guarantees of complete success.
May 16 - Mayor Kate Gordon of Olongapo City helped Liza and the twins to get sponsorship with NWA-Phils. No interview appointment with US embassy yet.
May 24 - The twins' and Liza's (their mother) visas were approved by the US Embassy. However, Lani (the twins' aunt) who is supposed to be accompanying them was not allowed to have an emergency appointment with the US consul, she was given an interview date of July 1. The endoresement letter from Mayor Kate Gordon and the Office of the President were not honored by the embassy.
The tentative date of the flight is June 3. NWA has not issued the free tickets yet and the details of the flight are still unknown.
May 29 - The parental travel consent from the twins' father who is in Saudi Arabia right now has not yet arrived. Lani was helped by politicians with her request for an emergency appointment but the embassy has no reply yet.

"Both these cases are quite serious".
May 30 & 31 - Dr. Emmy Collado, Lei Anne's and Lyrize's cardiologist, called the office of Stuart Patt, US Embassy Non-Immigrant Chief and requested that Lani be allowed to have an emergency appointment. She explained that the twins are both cyanotic and need another adult companion. The letter of request was faxed to his secretary several times but they were told that they haven't received any. Dr. Collado's request and recommendation were ignored.

June 1 - The Escotons received the parental travel consent from the twins' father who is in Saudi Arabia.

Liza, the babies mother, is so scared to be the one and only adult escorting her children. Scared that some of them will die on board, while travelling. The whole family shared her worries to travel alone with two seriously sick girls.

June 3 - The Escotons were supposed to travel to New Jersey at 7:00 AM at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila. However, upon seeing the condition of the two girls who were both crying at the check-in counter, NWA did not allow them to fly without another adult companion (denied by the U.S. Embassy in Manila). They were told to rebook their flights.

One more time(!!), contact with Stuart Patt, Non-Immigrant Visa Chief's office at the U.S. Embassy Manila. (What about Children's Rights?)
Late afternoon, Lani was able to get her Visa without any further interview and she was also able to purchase the tickets for tomorrow's flight.

June 4 - Lei Anne and Lyrize, Liza and Lani are now on board NWA flight# 72 with stopovers at Nagoya, Japan and in Detroit. They are expected to arrive at the Newark International Airport at 3:15 PM June 4 (NY time, Eastern Standard Time).

June 4, 12:49:26 -0400 (Eastern Standard Time). The twins flights are all on schedule. They are right now in the Detriot airport, waiting for the last connection which will arrive here in NJ at 3:20 this afternoon.  /Erica

A Lifesaving Action in international cooperation between BOES.ORG Children's Rights Across the World, and Rotary International District 7490, Gift of Life, U.S.

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