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Kurt Rafael Felix aged 1
Lifesaving Action in International Cooperation
Nancy De Sagun-Felix, Kurt Rafael's mother wrote:
"We have an only child named Kurt Rafael, a one year old boy who was diagnosed at the Philippine Heart Center with Congenital Heart Disease: Transposition of Great Arteries and Atrial Septal Deffect."
"Because of his medical problems he comes in and out of the hospital very so often due to recurrent Pneumonia, Polycythemia and other respiratory tract infections as its complications. In fact, since December 2001 he was already hospitalized three times wherein Phlebotomy was done four times."
"Presently, I, Nancy De Sagun-Felix, his mother, is employed as a secretary in a private clinic in Manila while my husband is in the province and an ordinary fisherman. For this reason, we have a very meager income that can hardly support our daily sustenance. We surely belong to marginal family."
"We wish to save our son's life. It really pains our hearts seeing him in this condition noted with bluish lips, tongue and fingertips associated with stunted growth. However, in spite of all these, he remains to be an active child who seems to be struggling and fighting to live."
"It is for these reasons that we are writing you now. We would like to knock at your generous hearts if you could so, kindly extend to our son the needed medical treatment."
Respectfully yours,
Nancy De Sagun-Felix"
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