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Jalen Lenard Chua, nicknamed "KenKen", born December 8, 2000
Zamboanga City, Philippines
Latest Update: July 27, 2002

June 11 - Jalen Lenard's surgery was scheduled on July 13 at Montefiore Medical Center, New York.

July 1 - Gift of Life in New Jersey sent the visa letter and medical certificate from Montefiore to the Chuas in Zamboanga City.

July 3 - Emergency appointment with the US Embassy in Manila is scheduled on July 9, Tuesday, at 7A.M.

July 4 - Jalen Lenard and mom Liezl were booked by Northwest Airlines for June 10 flight to New Jersey, U.S.A.

July 8 - Flight Itineraries:
July 10 NW 072   7 AM - 12:05PM Manila - Detroit (1stop via Nagoya, Japan)
July 10 NW 362   1:33PM - 3:33PM Detroit - Newark

July 9 - Jalen Lenard's and mom's visas were issued today by the US Embassy in Manila. Dr. Collado gave a certification that he is fit to fly.

July 10 - They are now on board NWA 072, left the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila at 7 AM and will be switching to NWA 362 in Detroit, MI. They are expected to arrive at the Newark International Airport, NJ, at 3:18PM, July 10 (New Jersey time, Eastern Standard Time).

July 10 - (Eastern Standard Time). Leizl and KenKen arrived Newark, NJ after several delays yesterday. Liezl was so happy to finally be here that she could not stop crying. She was met at the airport by her host family, Susan and Bob Stack and Erica and Andrew Topp. KenKen will be admitted into Montefiore next Tues.July 16 and should be having surgery on Thursday.

July 12 - Jalen Lenard's mom Liezl wrote in SMS: "KenKen has not adjusted to the American time yet, he sleeps at 4 AM. We went to the grocery store nearby today. The weather here is humid. Our host family provided KenKen with stroller, playpen and toys. They are so kind to us."

July 13 - "Today, I took KenKen with me to Downtown on stroller, we just walked, everything is accessible from where we're staying. KenKen will be admitted at Montefiore on Tuesday".

July 14 - "As usual, we woke up so late, maybe KenKen is still adjusting. Today, we went for a stroll in the neighborhood with Mrs. Stack. It's like a subdivision, they have a mini resort, you can mention anything. It's really a beautiful place to live in".

July 15 - "After eating breakfast we strolled around the neighborhood again, just the two of us, it was enjoyable. The weather is hot today."
"Mrs. Stacks drove us around to see some beautiful and big houses, duck ponds, it's like a reserve for wildlife in schools. In the evening, we had a family dinner. Everybody was present, Mr. & Mrs. Stacks, Rachel, Derek and Adrian. I really felt like KenKen and I are part of the family."

July 16 - "We checked-in at the Montefiore Medical Center today. KenKen took all the initial tests like echocardiogram, blood work, x-ray. Tomorrrow, cardiac catheterization will be done and surgery will be on Thursday".

July 17 - "About 8AM, KenKen had his cardiac cath. I waited for two to three hours. Everything went well. Tomorrow at 7 AM, he will undergo an open-heart surgery".

July 18 - "At around 7AM, KenKen underwent a 7-hour surgery. The surgery was successful but the doctors said that the next 48 hours will be critical".

July 19 - "KenKen is having low blood pressure, the doctors had to re-open his chest again. So far, his heart is stable now. He is still under sedatives".

 July 20, 03.30 PM (EST)   So sad, so sad.  We lost our little KenKen.  Jalen Lenard "KenKen" Chua  passed away...

 Our Sympathy and prayers go to Liezl and Joenathan
 and to their whole family

Jalen Lenard Chua, aged 1½ (summer 2002)
  Jalen Lenard Chua, underwent cardiac surgery on July 18, to correct several congenital heart defects. Surgery revealed that his heart defects,TGA, VSD, PDA were more complex than first thought, he spent two hours longer than first anticipated in surgery.
At first things seem to go well, but by Friday morning, his heart was rejecting some of the repairs that were made. Early Saturday it became necessary to put him back on the heart by-pass machine but by then there was already significant damage to his other organs. Jalen "KenKen" passed away at about 3:30 PM today.

July 20 - Erica Topp wrote: "We have been at the hospital since KenKen began worsening. It has been a horrible few days, especially for Leizel. Although she is a very strong woman, the nights of no sleep, and not eating much have affected her greatly. She is very weak today, and my father and I didn't dare leave. After KenKen was removed from the ByPass machine, it was very difficult to accept the fate that God had handed us yet again. We finally left the hospital and drove home with Leizel at about 7PM tonight."

July 23 - A funeral mass for Jalen will be at Mount Carmel R.C.Church on Wednesday, July 24, 2002 at 9:45am. We have been asked to enter the church at 9:15am. The church has inquired whether we wish to have the church or the chapel (which has a capacity of 50). A late brunch/light lunch should be provided afterwards by Ridgewood Rotary.

Bob & Susan Stack (host family) will take Liezl to the airport on Thursday AM for her return home. The flight is 6:30am. It appears that Northwest Airlines will cover the cost of the return to the Philippines utilizing the unused portion of the round-trip ticket.

July 25 - KenKen's father, Joenathan, wrote from his heart:   "We have tried our best to save our son. It has been hard for all of us these days. I believe everything happens with a purpose".

"I miss my Kenken! I wanna see, touch and feel my son! My heartfelt THANK YOU to everybody who has made this possible and for granting my request as the father and understanding our family. Kenken's finally coming back home to us".

"Though how little our Kenny is, in a span of a year and 7 months, our baby has in his own little ways touched the heart of many. He is dearly loved and missed! All he has left us with are loving fun-filled treasured memories. In spite of it all, I thank God for giving us the opportunity to have a son like Kenny and shared our lives. Kenken's an Angel now!"

"Liezl, I wanna hug my wife. I terribly miss her! She is indeed a strong woman and gathered strength from very supportive people like you. For all those times in taking care of her.......THANK YOU!"
"For all of your endless support, unceasing love, constantly reaching out and continuously touching lives....THANK YOU! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! MAY GOD BLESS US ALL!"  /Jojie

"I no longer see the stars; I am the stars"

July 26 - Liezl arrived in Manila at 10:10 PM via NWA flight #071. She was met by Joenathan, relatives and friends at the airport. Liezl looked so weak and tired but she remained calm and strong. Kenken's body was transported by NWA from NAIA to domestic airport. They are taking the first flight to Zamboanga City at 6:00 AM the following day.

A non-profit strive to save little KenKen's life.

BOES.ORG Children's Rights Across the World, based in Scandinavia
Rotary International District 7490, Gift of Life, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Hospital:  Montefiore Medical Center, New York.

Sponsor for KenKen's surgery:  Ridgewood AM Rotary Club, New Jersey.

Host family:   Bob and Susan Stack, and their three children, Adrian, Rachel, and Derik.

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