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Jalen Lenard Chua, nicknamed "Kenken", born December 8, 2000
Zamboanga City, Philippines
Jalen Lenard Chua's mother, Liezl Chua wrote:
"Dear Sir,
I'm Liezl Chua, a mother of a one year old boy, who has a hole in his heart, inverted arteries w/ one of the arteries blocked. The doctor declared that he has TGA,VSD,PDA."
"I talked to Nina Morados, the mother of John, whom your group help just recently. I'm from Zamboanga, a small city in the Phil. Nina told me about the big help your group gave them, most especially to her sons life."
"I'm a mother who is asking for your help. The doctors said that they cannot assure or guarantee us that after the said procedure of the operation, everything will be ok."
"Please help my son. I'm looking forward for your response."
Mrs. Liezl Chua"
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