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  Faye Amor Sales
9 Years Old
Congenital Heart Disease, Ebstein Anomaly S/p Biderectional

Our Sympathies are with the Family of Faye Amor Sales
Update, March 2002
On Feb.20, Faye had difficulty breathing. Jenny, her mother, was able to suction phlegm secretions but she has no fever. The following morning, her condition improved but in the afternoon, she was gasping for breath again. She left her family. Jenny could feel that it was already time for Faye to go, the family was prepared. Faye has been staying in bed for 6 months, her heart was stable, but she could not speak, move or recognize anyone.
That same week, Faye's older sister dreamt of her saying goodbye and died, the same dream that their church pastor had before Faye passed away at 3:35 P.M.on Feb.22.
Faye's remains were buried at the Holy Garden Memorial Park in Taytay, Rizal on the 27th of February. Jenny expresses her deepest gratitude to all the people who helped her and her children survive since the time Faye was hospitalized.
June 3, 2001
BOES.ORG has no resources to organize fund-raising. That's why an action out from the letters below has to be "external", organized by you, after you have been in contact with Faye's doctors, and her mother Jennifer S.
What can you do to help the Sales family? Do you know someone who can assist?
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Copy, the 1st incoming e-mail from Faye's mother Jennifer S. Sales, and the letter-copy from PHC she attached:

Date:   Sat, 19 May 2001 16:25:40 +0800
I am the mother of FAYE AMOR S. SALES, 9 years old, who is presently admitted at the PHILIPPINE HEART CENTER FOR ASIA (PHCA). Faye Amor was born with a heart defect diagnosed as "Ebstein Anomaly". She was admitted at PHCA last 13 May 2001 to undergo her second open-heart surgery, which was performed last 15 May 2001.

Unfortunately, after the operation, a complication developed in the form of severe bleeding that forced the doctors to open again her heart not only once but twice. A total of 50 bags of blood/blood components were transfused into her. As of this writing the bleeding has been controlled but she is still under very close medical management in the recovery Room of the same hospital.

Faye's very critical physical condition exhausted me not only emotionally but also financially. Her hospital bill as of 18 May 2001 excluding professional fees has reached Php310,000.00 pesos (US$6,200.00) already.
Considering that Faye is still in the Recovery Room, I estimated that expenses would easily reach Php600,000.00 (US$12,000.00) including professional fees.

As a single parent with no steady source of income, and with three more children to take care, this cost is beyond my capacity to pay. It is with fervent prayer and high hopes that I am seeking at this moment for your generous donation / financial assistance and support. I perfectly know that I will not be able to repay such kindness but I am sure that the LORD will bless you seven folds.

For your Cheque donations, please make it payable to PHILIPPINE HEART CENTER, and kindly forward it to my address for proper endorsement to PHCA.

Thank you very much and more power.
Very sincerely yours,


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The letter-copy from PHC Faye's mother attached:

East Avenue, Quezon City


Patient's Name:   Sales, Faye Amor Suico
Age:   9 Years Old
Date Admitted:   13 may 2001
Final Diagnosis:   Congenital Heart Disease, Ebstein Anomaly S/p Biderectional
Glenn Shunt (1996)    
Attending Physician:   Dra. Emerenciana Collado M.D. Pediatric Cardiologist
Brief Clinical History:    

The patient was readmitted last May 13, 2001 and underwent surgery last May 15, 2001. The procedure done was Tricuspid valve replacement (freestyle) Homograft, supraPV patching with pericardium, which lasted for 5 hours. The intra-operative course was unremarkable. However, post-operatively (3 hours post-op), there was excessive bleeding per chest tube. Bleeding parameters were abnormal. There was also episode of hypotension. Fluid resuscitation was done, however, bleeding persisted such that patient was brought back to OR for re-operation.

Six (6) hours from the first OR, the patient underwent mediastinal exploration which lasted for 3 hours. Ligation of bleeding vessels was done as well as evacuation of hematoma.

At the recovery room, continuous correction of bleeding parameters (through blood transfusion) was done, bleeding per chest tube was still noted. Three hours from the 2nd re-operation, the patient again had hypotension and bradycardia. She was again sent to the operating room for re-exploration.

The 3rd operation lasted for 1 1/2 hours. Ligation of oozing vessels and evacuation of hematoma were again done. The patient was again brought to Recovery room and was observed for recurrence of bleeding. 2nd day post-op, the patient had seizure episode with anisocoria. The impression was cerebral edema. Phenobarbital and Mannitol were started.

At present, the patient is still intubated with no more recurrence of bleeding as well as seizure episodes. She is still being closely monitored for any untoward signs and symptoms.

Dra. Emerenciana Collado M.D.
Pediatric Cardiologist

Copy, the 2nd incoming e-mail from Faye's mother Jennifer S. Sales:

From:   Jennifer Sa_les
Subject:   Re: Faye S /Re: help me save my daughter's life
Date:   Wed, 30 May 2001 20:08:16 +0800

Dear Mr Sandberg,

thank you very much for your attention and concern regarding my plea for help for my daughter Faye. May the Lord bless you.

Faye is now at the pediatric ICU II of the same hospital and is still in a coma. After the severe bleeding had been controlled, another complication occured, Faye suffered a stroke of the brain. The second clinical abstract says that faye's vital signs and cardiac function remains stable but neurologically, she is being closely monitored. No definite stay at the ICU were given by the Doctors.

Mr Sandberg, it is now more than two weeks of agony and i am already physically, emotionaly and physically drained, but i cannot give up my precious daughter. Persons like you give me strength and courage to try to save Faye.

I fervently hope and pray that there will be people who are willing to give financial assistance for my daughter.

Again, thank you and more power.

Jennifer Sales

Copy, the 3rd incoming e-mail from Faye's mother Jennifer S. Sales:

From:   Jennifer Sa_les
Date:   Sun, 10 Jun 2001 19:23:18 +0800

dear mr sandberg

thank you for your reply to my letter dated 30 may. sorry if it took awhile before i was able to response due to my schedules. i am very busy trying to get financial help from the government. I have approached malacañang, philippine charity sweepstakes, the senators, known congressmen, and the department of social welfare. so far, i have not made any headway as mostly endorsement to other agencies is what they can offer. However, i am also receiving financial donations from good samaritans in the philippines. But unfortunately, the amount collected is still not sufficient to cover the mounting hospital bill. it stands now at P653,000.00 including doctors fee.

faye's condition now is stabilizing though she is still unconcious. doctors did not give any definite statement on when my daughter will awake.

thank you very much for your concern. more power and God bless.

Jennifer Sales

Dra. Emerenciana Collado M.D.
Pediatric Cardiologist
Philippine Heart Center
Quezon City

September 17, 2001

"Faye has been discharged about two weeks ago. Her heart is doing fine but she remains neurologically unstable. She is on tracheostomy and will continually be fed thru NGT.
Her problem is ff-up because of lack of money. The mother doesn't know where to get daily maintenance especially Faye is taking a lot of medications.
On her behalf, kindly tell people to please consider helping her out."
In Jesus, Dra Emmy

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