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Erin Ocampo aged 1½
Makati City, Philippines
Original Internet Lifeline, since 1997
Incoming e-mail, to BOES.ORG and to our Colleague since November 2001, Jennifer, one of the Internet LifeLine Parents, Mother of Dajed, resqued in September 2001 by this Internet Lifeline, in International Cooperation.
Dear Dajed's Mother,
"I read the article about your baby's operation last year and I can't help but be happy for you and your child. Your family is lucky to have been given this chance indeed. There are many of us out here like you -- mothers with ailing kids whose only dream is to end the uncertainties of their kid's health. Our pain is to let this dream remain a dream. Yet, upon reading your story, I was filled with inspiration and hope. This early January, I read about two more beneficiaries of Gift of Life Foundation and I promised myself that I will do all means to get in touch with you. I'm very thankful that I came across the BOES.ORG e-mail address in the newspaper."
"We would like to ask for help for my baby's operation who also has Tetralogy of Fallot. His pediatrician at the Philippine Heart Center is not discouraging us from getting help from Social Service. However, we are aware that some appealed cases have been turned down, or some have not been given enough financial resources for an operation to take place."
"Perhaps, you have received numerous letters from mothers like me who have the same plight. I can only pray that my letter gets your attention and consideration."
"My baby's name is Erin and he's already 1year and 3 months old. At 1 year old, most babies have already started to walk. My son Erin, however, is just starting to. It pains me to see my son so helpless at a very young age. But with his present condition, I am just thankful that I can still spend mornings and nights with him."
"According to his pediatrician, Erin can be scheduled anytime for the operation but, unfortunately, we don't have the financial resources to make this possible for now. Most of our resources have gone to processing the papers required by the Social Service."
"I look forward to having more new years with my son. I am praying for your help and reply."
Thank you very much.
Nimfa C. Ocampo
Makati City, Philippines

Subject: In need of your help
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 15:34:14 +0800
Completing cuts from incoming e-mail:
"Erin was born last October 30, 2000 by caesarian section. While I was still confined in the hospital, we were informed by the attending pediatrician that she hears murmur in Erin's heart so we decided to ask a pedia-cardiologist to take a look at my baby then she conducted an ultrasound. The pedia-cardio then confirmed that there was something wrong with Erin's heart but she did not elaborate. I brought my baby back to her after a few months without thinking that my baby's condiiton is serious. We were told about the Tetralogy of Fallot during that visit and what it means. We asked her why we were not told abut it when i was still in the hospital and she said that she didn't want to upset me since i just gave birth."
Erin Ocampo, 1yr and 3mos. Date of Birth:  October 30, 2000
  "We took Erin to Phil. Heart Center to get a second opinion. Unfortunately the findings were the same. He has to undergo an open heart surgery to correct his heart defect. Right now he is taking 5mg of Inderal three times everyday. He looks normal except that he easily gets tired and everybody notices that he is a blue baby.
He has recently undergone a 2D Echo and his doctor told us that he can be scheduled anytime for a surgery except that we don't have enough financial resources."
Nimfa Ocampo
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