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Eldwin Jon Balino, 2 years and 3 months old in April 2004
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Feb 12 - Len Balino wrote: We are still waiting for the visa letters you have sent. We hope to receive it soon so that we could process the visas already. I hope there are no problems during the transport of the papers. May I also inform you that EJ will have another phlebotomy tom. Feb. 13, 2004. He will be admitted again at the Philippine Children's Medical Center. His first one was done last December 24, 2003. We hope you are always in good health. We shall wait for your advice.

Mar 12 - Interview today at the US Embassy. Visas once again were not issued by the embassy. The consul is asking for a letter from the Medical Director of Children's Hospital at Montefiore confirming the contents of the Visa Letter sent by Gift of Life. Len was given a Walk-In Letter so they can come back anytime after they have the additional requirements. Also, the consul is asking for a certification from local hospitals that the surgery cannot be performed in Manila.

Mar 15 - Rev. Andy Topp (GOL7490 Chairperson) called up the US Embassy in Manila. "Everything is cleared up for Eldwin. Just have them bring the certification from the local hospitals and the visa will be issued. I think I have set it up now with Christopher Rowan, the Chief of Non-immigrant visas, so that we will not have this problem in the future. Let me know if there are any snags."

Mar 18 - Len Balino wrote: Visas are approved. "It will be delivered to us through Delbros, the commissioned courier of the US embassy here in Manila." "A different consul interviewed us."
"We were almost in tears when he said that we shall have our visas." Travel arrangements will now be finalized.

Mar 26 - Len and EJ leave for New York today via South Korea. Itinerary is as follows:

Mar 27 - Len and EJ are now with the host family. They are staying with the Dave & Kathy Rutler in Wyckoff, New Jersey. Date of admission at Montefiore is March 30.
Asiana Airlines  OZ372
Depart   Friday (26 March 04)	Manila		1320
Arrive 	Friday (26 March 04)	Inchon Airport	1810
Asiana Airlines   OZ222
Depart	Friday  (26 March 04)   Inchon Airport	1940
Arrive	Friday  (26 March 04)   NY, JFK		1930
Mar 31 - From Ej's mother Elena "Len" Balino:
"EJ didn't have his 2D-echo yesterday he just refused to sleep and he spit out the medicine for him to sleep. It was sad though he didn't have his echo but of course we do understand the accuracy of the echo for his surgery."

"Dr. Issenberg said he might not need a cardiac cath if with the echo will have the same results with his cath last Sept. He said the cath results were good for EJ."

April 7 - EJ's mother Elena Balino writes:
"We are pleased to inform you that EJ had his 2D-echo yesterday. Dave, Kathe and I were also able to talk with Dr. Crooke. As per Dr. Crooke, Ej is scheduled to have his operation on Thurs, April 15."
"They will decide on the OR if EJ will have the 2nd procedure Glenn shunt or the corrective surgery which is the Fontan. Confirmation of theoperation sched will be on April 14. We hoppe that everything will be fine including EJ because he will not have the operation if he has cold or anything."
"Tomorrow we will be at Montefiore at 2pm for pre-testing. We shall attend the REACT conference in the morning."

April 14 - Elena wrote:
"The hospital called up and confirmed EJ's operation tom. We have to be there by 6:15 am, scheduled operation is 7:00 am."

April 15 - Surgery postponed for April 19, 2004.

April 19 - The surgery today at Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx N.Y. will last for six hours according to doctors.

April 19 - 3.00 PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, London)
Information from Montefiore Hospital: "EJ is now in the OR. Surgery has just started".

Eldwin Jon Balino, September 2003, 1 year and 8 months
April 20 - 08.00 PM GMT  "Surgery was a success. EJ is now recuperating at ICU. He is doing fine but still a little weak and in need of help from the respirator for some extra hours. His mother Len is in good spirits".

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