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Eldwin Jon Balino, 1 year and 4 months old in May 2003
Lifesaving Action in International Cooperation
May 22 - Due to his cyanotic and critical condition, EJ underwent a Blalock-Taussig Shunt, a temporary solution, at the Chinese General Hospital. He came out from the surgery very well and his condition has improved. EJ's doctors explained that he might be needing Glenn Shunt after 6 months depending on his condition. Fontan surgery is needed to totally correct his heart.

July 21 - Elena Balino wrote: We need some help regarding our Visa applications. We'd like to inquire if Andy/Erica can already send the visa letters. How shall we proceed? We are already getting our passports. Please advise me on how to go about this. I'll do all coordination with you. By the time EJ leaves for the surgery, I have given birth by then. Hope to hear from you soon.

July 22 - The visa letters will be sent out first week of August according to Erica Topp.

Sept. 5 - Visa letters received today. Balino's will now schedule appointment with the US Embassy for the Emergency Visas.

Sept. 22 - Appointment today at the US Embassy for the Emergency Visas for Elena and EJ Balino.

Sept. 24 - US Embassy has not issued the visas pending submission of further documentation from Gift of Life. Len Balino can come back anytime to present the needed documents for issuance of the visas.

Oct. 24 - Len Balino wrote: Hi there friends! I am very happy to inform you that I have already given birth to a healthy 7.48 lbs baby boy last Oct. 11. His name is Edell Sean. I have given birth through a normal delivery at Philippine General Hospital. It was also a long labor (14 hours) and really a much harder delivery compared to EJ. After delivery, I didn't sleep as I await for my baby and checked if everything is normal for him. After being declared that everything seems to be ok (EJ was also declared a healthy baby after delivery not until his pedia checked him and heard the murmur from his heart), I just can't help but cry for joy for my second baby. Thanks for all your support to my family. EJ is also very happy and welcomed his baby brother.

Oct. 25 - EJ, becoming more cyanotic now. Len Balino is inquires of possibility of an earlier schedule for him. Visa letters from Gift of Life on the reschedule of the operation will be needed as supporting document for the walk-in interview at the US Embassy in Manila.

Nov. 11 - Len Balino wrote: I hope you won't mind if I will follow up the letter we need to submit to the US embassy for the re-schedule of EJ's operation in January. We are planning to secure the visa by December. If we shall have the letter informing them of the reschedule of the operation, by then we could walk-in to submit the requirements.

Nov. 20 - EJ surgery schedule was moved to March 2004. Len Balino is still hoping that EJ will have the January 2004 slot if not an earlier surgery date as EJ is becoming more cyanotic.

Eldwin Jon Balino, September 2003
Dec 24 - EJ underwent Phlebotomy due to high hematocrit level in his blood as the body is trying to compensate for the low oxygen saturation in his blood.

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