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Danlee Suangco Serrano, aged 12
Date of Birth: November 20, 1989.   Philippines
From "a concerned citizen":
"I am writing in behalf of a 12 yr old boy in our neighborhood, who is also suffering from a heart ailment. I have been bothered by his agony everytime I see him, so I promised myself that after my son had been helped, I would also help him by writing BOES and the GOL. I have already told Dr. Issenberg about this child and told me to do the same thing for him as I did to Kelvin."

"His parents dont have the knowledge in emailing so I offerd myself, as it is the only help I could extend to them.I couldnt give you yet information about his ailment for I am still awaiting answers from the would be sponsors who will shoulder the expenses for his ECG, X-RAYS, and 2D-ECHO."

Danlee Suangco Serrano, aged 12, Philippines
  "The family is really financially hard up, they told me that before they spend for his check-up, they'd rather spend it for their food as they hardly eat three square meals a day. Danlee has never had a check-up since the parents learned about his condition and this is really because of their poverty."

"I have already emailed other people and organizations to help this child to have all those tests so I could send them to you, Im really praying hard that they would answer."

"Thank you so much and I hope that Danlee would one day experience also, how it is to have a normal life-the life that Kelvin now enjoys because of BOES and GOL, and most of all, our Almighty God.

From a concerned citizen,"

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