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Denise Kyle Panado aged 4
Date of Birth: December 8, 1998   Zambales, Philippines
Latest update, October 25
Oct. 16 - Dr. Henry Issenberg of Montefiore Medical Center has moved up Kyle's surgery date to October 22, 2002.

Oct. 17 - The Panados tried all means to get an emergency appointment with the US Embassy, Gift of Life faxed the visa request and called the office of the Non-immigrant chief, but the earliest date they could give was Oct. 22, Tuesday.

Oct. 18 - Since it was impossible for Kyle to be admitted on the 22nd, Dr. Issenberg decided to move his admission date to Oct. 24, Thursday. His cardiac catheterization will be on Friday and the surgery would then be on the following week. Tess and Kyle were booked for Oct. 23 flight.

Oct. 22 - The US Embassy in Manila has issued the visas at 3:30 PM. Kyle and parents stayed overnight in Manila, check-in time at the airport the following day will be at 4AM.

Oct 23 - Kyle and his mom Tess are now on board NWA flight # 072 which left the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila at 7:15AM, switching to NWA flight #1200 in Detroit and will arrive in Newark International Airport on Oct. 23 at 3:23PM (Eastern Standard Time).

So Sad.
Oct. 25 - Erica Topp of Gift of Life wrote: "Denise Panado had his catheterization today and was found inoperable. The ECHOs that were done both by Dr. Collado and Dr. Issenberg were not able to show severity that was seen in the Catheterization. The VSD was not very small. This makes a single ventricle/Fontan approach prohibitively risky. Dr. Issenberg has explained the findings to Tess, and they will return to the host family in the morning. She has a copy of the cath report. Dr. Collado has been notified by Dr. Issenberg with further details. The host family has volunteered to help Tess see an eye doctor and get her a better pair of eyeglasses, since the ones she currently has are not strong enough and very large. They will probably return home within a week".  /Erica

Denise Kyle Panado aged 4

A strive for Lifesaving, in International Partnership

by BOES.ORG - Children's Rights Across the World (based in Scandinavia)

and Rotary International
District 7490 Gift of Life, U.S.

With the very best volunteering from the Philippines 2001-2002.

Cooperating Hospital:
Montefiore Medical Center, New York

Surgery Sponsor:  Mid-Bergen Rotary Club.

Kyle and mom Tess are hosted by:  Mr. Jack Rosen of Fair Lawn, NJ.
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