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Shao-han's father's may-day-message to BOES.ORG Scandinavia, October 18 '97:
"I am writing to ask for your kind help to save my son's life...."

July '98 update
Cuts. Some of the until-today-results, from the BOES.ORG October-November Action

NBC4LA Channel four News, July 26 2:nd Surgery. 3-Year-old Chinese boy named Shao-han. UCLA Medical Center
MSNBC, 2:nd Surgery, July 26 1998
People around the world  learned about the Chinese boy's condition from the Web

Los Angeles Times, Commentary: "Heart Surgery"

Los Angeles Times: Internet as a Lifeline
Read the complete article from Los Angeles Times, March 19
March 19, also - Shao-han and "his story" on NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw

Associated Press

..and from other world-wide TV-channels, April 15-17
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