Children and Rights
191 States have agreed

The First Nearly Universally Ratified Human Rights Treaty,
in History.
Only two more States to go, for an universal ratification.

Mr President, Bill Clinton!

  • Do You, Mr President, want to be the Children's President?
    Do You want to be "the Young America's" President

    It means to be the President of the Future - TODAY

  • When will You act, Mr President, about the ratification of The Convention on the Rights of the Child?

  • 191 States have agreed on it - they have signed it
    - they have ratified it.

  • The remaining two States, Somalia and USA, have not yet become Party to the Convention.
    Somalia does not currently have an internationally recognized government.

  • Such a very important mission.. money cannot buy it, Power cannot compel it, technology cannot create it. When?


Some cuts from Your
internetsite . . . Mr President

  • One America for the 21st century, the Presidents Initiative on Race

  • USA flag, President Bill Clinton and Children - What You can do

  • Only two more States to go, for an universal ratification!

  • "Building one America is our most important mission.. money cannot buy it. Power cannot compel it. Technology cannot create it. It can only come from the human spirit.", President Bill Clinton

  • One America. What You Can Do. The President's Initiative on Race

    Future Question. Soundfile, childrens' questions 130kB  
            "Human Spirit",  Act NOW!
            What do You want USA:s children's children's children
    to read, in the history books?

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