children and rights
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Urgent Message from Kosova Action Network, US, April 12, 1999  


  • -They must be allowed to leave. UNHCR stands impotently by as does Clinton.
  • -Their suffering at this point is horrific.
  • -Starvation, rape, exhaustion, gangrenous shrapnel wounds, hopelessness, terror, hypothermia, death.
  • -there are one million trapped inside Kosova - 1.000.000 children, adults and old people.
    ( Srebrenica '95 - 40.000 civilians, more than 7.000 murdered )
  • -There is no media watching.
  • -Mass graves are scattered and may never be found.
  • -War crimes are unobserved and may never be prosecuted
"Since no Albanian Leaders have come to speak
is to speak for them, urgently."

  • -We must airlift food and medical supplies at once. we must bring acute political and military pressure to reopen the borders and allow them to flee this genocidal campaign.
  • -These people signed a nato peace agreement one month ago. this atrocity is the serb response. we cannot abandon them to genocide.
Alice Mead, coordinator
Kosova Action Network

children and rights
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