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In need of emergency aid from the air




from Kosovapress - Podjevë, Sunday, April 4th, 1999  

8 civil albanians killed, mainly children
20 others wounded

"About 12o`clock, serb military aviation with two Mig airplanes, has done bombardments using the "tape" bombs over the albanian civil population, respectively the village of Popova, the ward of Maqastenëve. As result of this attack, 8 civil albanians are killed, mainly children, while 20 others are being wounded.

Medical units and the first aid units, have come urgently and they are taking care for the wounded people. In this case, these people are killed:
Fadil (Rexh) Selmani (20), from Prekazi
Rukie (Mehmet) Maksuti (16), from Vilanci
Jetmir (Sejdi) Lutolli (4), from Llapashtica
Fitnete (Mehmet) Maksuti (8), from Vilanci
Rushit (Halim) Hasani (65) from Katunishta
Rifadie (Haxha) Hasani (8), from Katunishta
Lumturie (Haxha) Hasani (12), from Katushnita
Fitim (Emin) Hasani (11), from Katunishta

The place where the serbian aviation hit, has been a place dedicated for the children where they played.
The condition of the wounded people is very grave.

Serbian forces have shot also with the rocket missiles earth-earth, and there were 5-6 of these missiles but there are no confirmations about damages."

Emergency aid from the air asked
for the civilian population in Kosova

" The population all over the Kosova territory is faced up with a catastrophic situation as a result of the Serb attacks with all military means and weapons and of the ethnic cleansing perpetrated by the Belgrade army. All over the territory of Kosova population displacements are taking place.

This situation is further aggravated knowing that in the midst of the displaced Albanian civilian population are old people, pregnant women, children, and sick and disabled people.
Health wise the situation is very serious, as there are no drugs and medication available. As if all this were not enough, the masses of the displaced people lack the essential food.

It is the children who are suffering the most for they have been without any food for several days.
It is for this reason that we are appealing to all world humanitarian organizations to all European and other governments, in particular to that of the United States, to extend their friendly hand to the massacred and suffering people of Kosova, by sending emergency aid from the air because this is an extremely alarming and emergent situation. "

From Kosovapress

children and rights
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