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  Facing The Past
Intellectuals from Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia and Kosovo will meet in Belgrade on 14-15 December 2001 to discuss the Echoes and Reactions column in the Belgrade daily Politika from July 1998 to March 1991. The round table, organized by the Humanitarian Law Center (HLC), initiates a public debate on human rights violations in the past based on documents and facts.
The HLC will present a CD study titled "A Time When the People Spoke" by Aljosa Mimica, professor at Belgrade University's Humanities Department, and Belgrade historian Radina Vucetic. The first day will focus on the role of the media in the incitement of hate, populism, shaping the image of "others," political myth and ritual, and the second on guilt and accountability.
The round table starts at the Belgrade InterContinental Hotel at 10 a.m. 14-15 December 2001.
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