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Rodin Aguirre lives in the Philippines. He is diagnosed with
Congenital Heart Disease and ABO Incompatibility.
September 2001 - February 2002
September 23, Sun, 20:04:12 -0700 (PDT) , Rodin's mother, Maribel, writes:
Dear Mr. Sandberg,
Thank you very much. Just the thought of another person's concern over someone else they don't even know is already a miracle for us.
Sincerely yours,  Maribel S. Aguirre, M.D.
October 9, Tue, 21:55:09 -0700 (PDT) , Rodin's mother, Maribel, writes:
Subject: Re: digital documents & photos?
Dear Mr. Sandberg,
First, I would like to apologize if I wasn't able to send you a copy of my reply to Erica regarding the tapes and records. In essence, I just asked for some time because Rodin's, my son, pediatric cardiologist went to Switzerland for a convention and she will be returning today so we were not able to accomplish the requirements (i.e. ECG, videotape of the 2D Echo,etc.). Also, I haven't gotten in touch with the doctor yet as of today so I will probably be able to update the two of you later tomorrow.
Next thing, I would have to ask for patience from both of you because I do not know what Mr. Sandberg just wrote. Oh, I know these are specifications for digital documents. What I'm trying to say is I won't be able to do that because I don't know how and I don't have the computer and scanner at home. As it is, I'm using the computer at the office only and it's only an internet access that I can be sure of. Anyway, I will be sure to send hard copies (that's what I'm an expert at :))
Thank you very much. I hope to be able to send Erica the requirements by next week. Thank you for your consideration and constant communication. Just knowing someone cares is a lot of help already.
Maribel Aguirre
October 25, Tue, 02:25:48 -0700 (PDT) , Rodin's mother, Maribel, writes:
Dear Erica,
I was able to send the requirements last Tuesday, Oct. 23 via DHL (no FedEx anywhere near me). The shipment number (written at the top right under the words "Shipment Airwaybill") is 286615xxxx. I was hoping that you will be receiving it today, barring any form of "accidents". I sent you this to be assuage your worry of an anthrax-contaminated package :), well, that is, unless the people at DHL delivery do not do anything with it. (Not funny really when people are getting scared and are actually getting infected.)
It contains a videotape of the 2D Echo done to Rodin, his chest x-ray AP-lateral view, ECG strip and results, results of the 2D Echo, and his Clinical Abstract. I also included a picture of Rodin and I at our place in Laguna, Phil. Hope to hear from you soon.
Rodin   That's all and I hope you are all fine. Rodin's fine, his cough is resolving.
God bless,  Maribel Aguirre
February 19,
Rodin's surgery date, in the U.S., is on March 2
March, Surgery > >.
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