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Noelle R. Sucaldito, 7 months old
Manila, Philippines
Latest Update, October 29
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May 30, 2002 - Noelle had her repeat echo today with Dr. Collado. The pulmonary hypertension was still present and she will be scheduled for a cardiac catheterization probably Thursday next week

June 19 - Gift of Life received the cardiac catheterization videotape and report with Dr. Collado's recommendation, it will be submitted to Dr. Issenberg for reevaluation.

Later we were informed by Gift of Life that "her case was denied due to advanced Pulmonary Hypertension which is too advanced at her age to operate on".

October 2 - Philippine Heart Center prepared for a surgery, after the negative reply from the US-doctors.
Noelle had her 9-hour open heart surgery at PHC which started at 6PM. Her complicated heart problem was repaired by Dr. Serafin de Leon, a Filipino surgeon based at the Tulane University, New Orleans, and who is in the Phils on a medical mission which he does every 6 months. The surgery was very risky because of Noelle's pulmonary hypertension but she was able to accept all the repairs and everything went well.

October 6 - Noelle is still under observation at the Recovery Room at Phil. Heart Center. She was weaned off from the respirator and an oxygen tent is supporting her. The surgery would cost $10,000 and the Sucaldito family has not been able to raise that sum. These high costs means that so many "Congenital Heart Disease Children" die, because it's impossible for most of the parents in the Philippines to pay for a surgery.
We will forward your e-mail if you have some idea.

Oct. 19 - After 19 days of confinement, Noelle was finally discharged from the hospital. Everything is well except for her cough and colds, her lungs are clear.

Oct. 26 - Noelle was rushed back to the Phil. Heart Center. She had difficulty breathing and refused to be fed. She was on and off at the ER, had seizures, her lungs filled with fluids. The doctors and nurses tried everything to save her.

Oct. 27 - Noelle could not be revived, at about 1AM, she passed away. Her body was brought to Arlington Funeral Homes in Quezon City.

Our sincerest sympathy to the family of Noelle R. Sucaldito

Noelle Sucaldito, 7 months old in May 2002
  Oct. 29 - Our little angel, Noelle, sleeping in peace in her beautiful white gown, was buried at the Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina City. It was a heartbreaking moment, but Noelle's parents, Len and Enrique, remained calm and strong, their grieving hearts found peace and comfort in the knowledge that God has an eternal plan for their only child. Family, friends and relatives surrounded them with love and encouragements which replaced their weariness with new hope.

"I no longer see the stars; I am the stars"

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