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Eldwin Jon Balino, 2 years and 3 months old in April 2004
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April 21 - Cuts from EJ's mother's letter. Now together with her son at Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx N.Y.

"EJ was finally over with his operation. They did the corrective procedure Modified Fontan. He didn't need the second procedure to fully correct his heart. He now has pink lips, hands, feet and fingers. His lungs is taking all the blood well. There were just concern about his heart beat and blood pressure, but right now it is in a manageable level. He still has a pacemaker to help control his heart beat."

"Yesterday, they tried to take out the respirator. He started breathing on his own, but they've noticed that there was an obrstruction in his air passage. They put back the respirator.

"Until now he is being sedated. He has opened his eyes once in a while and he already recognizes Kathy, Dave and me. He is doing his hand sign which means 'no more and 'finished', and so I've told him that the operation is over and he only has to recover and heal the wounds. When I asked him where is his brother Sean and Daddy, he also did the pointing finger which means their home."

Written by EJ's mother Elena "Len" Balino

Apr. 27 - EJ was transferred from the ICU to a private room. He is still being observed.

Apr. 29 - EJ was discharged from the hospital today and will continue to recuperate at the home of the host family in New Jersey.

May 4 - Flight back to the Manila is scheduled for May 14, 2004

May 5 - EJ is readmitted at Montefiore. There is a build-up of fluids in his lungs and around the heart after a routine x-ray exam. The fluid has to be drained. The flights are cancelled.

Eldwin Jon Balino, September 2003, 1 year and 8 months
May 14 - EJ is doing well after the fluids were drained from his chest. They are now booked (wait-listed) for the return flight to Manila on May 28, 2004.

May 24 - Once again, the return flight is moved to June 5 pending another check-up today at Montefiore.

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